Top Doctors Issue Alert: Fully Vaxxed Have ‘Permanent Heart Damage’

Top Doctors Issue Alert: Fully Vaxxed Have ‘Permanent Heart Damage’

Leading American doctors have issued an alert to warn the public about the “permanent heart damage” being inflicted on people who have received the Covid mRNA vaccines.

According to a disturbing new study published in the renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal Circulation, people around the globe now have irreversible and potentially life-threatening heart conditions as a direct result of getting the Covid shot.

Researchers found that at least 50 percent of young men who developed Covid vaccine-induced myocarditis were left with permanent heart damage.

Dr. Drew Pinsky addressed the findings of the study last week on The Megyn Kelly Show.

Pinsky told Kelly that he was left stunned by the lack of coverage of the research by the mainstream media.

NN reports: He revealed the results of the study “took my breath away” and said he was shocked that it “wasn’t headline news.”

“A publication just came out five days ago in Circulation, a major cardiac cardiology journal,” Dr. Drew told Kelly.

“An excellent study, and it showed, it took my breath away – I didn’t know why it wasn’t headline news.

“It’s a large study – and it showed that about approximately half of the young males that got myocarditis had permanent heart damage.

“Permanent,” he emphasized.

“That means that we don’t know what percentage are going to be disabled by this, as they get older or can develop heart failure, or are gonna need cardiac transplants, some of them.”

The popular celebrity doctor went on to theorize the study didn’t receive proper coverage because the establishment that forced people to take the dangerous jabs fears it could be held legally liable for adverse reactions and deaths in the near future.

“I think, put your legal head on for a second, that universities are gonna be in big trouble for having mandated young people to get that vaccine because people are gonna get sick, they’re gonna have long-term consequences and they should sue those schools for having forced them to take a medical intervention.

“100% they should sue,” Dr. Drew told Kelly, who agreed.

Kelly went on to urge people to obtain a fake Covid certificate in order to refrain from getting vaxxed if another Covid vaccine mandate emerges.

“And if anybody tries to force you from this point forward [to get jabbed], get a fake card,” Kelly said.

“It’s not that hard. Go ahead, Google it, get a fake card. Don’t comply.

“We have a good treatment. We have Paxlovid. Why?

“And people have all kinds of feelings. You have to say you’ve gotten a shot to get in.

“Get a fake one. Just Google it on the internet, it’s bullsh*t.

“If they’re gonna create these bullsh*t rules, you can create your bullshit way around them.

“It’s all just like a theater. So let’s, okay, let’s act.

“I’ll act like I’ve gotten my 50th booster and you can act like you’re satisfied that I’m telling you the truth.”


Meanwhile, renowned American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough made similar remarks about the long-term hear damage in young people and teenagers.

During an appearance on the Alex Jones Show recently, McCullough stated:

“58% of these kids who have myocarditis, a year later, the heart is still damaged.

“It still has a scar in it.”

McCullough warned of a potential ticking time bomb among vast numbers of Americans who may suffer cardiac arrests because they are unaware their hearts are damaged.