Appeals Court Blocks Texas From Arresting and Deporting Illegal Aliens Just Hours After Supreme Court Ruling

Appeals Court Blocks Texas From Arresting and Deporting Illegal Aliens Just Hours After Supreme Court Ruling

An overnight decision from a federal appeals court has halted a Texas law permitting authorities to arrest and deport illegal aliens, coming shortly after the Supreme Court’s ruling favoring the state.

The Texas immigration legislation, referred to as Senate Bill 4, was set to become effective on March 5th, but the Supreme Court delayed its implementation for two weeks, siding with the Biden administration and organizations supporting illegal aliens who sought to pause the law. They argue that the bill intrudes on federal jurisdiction regarding immigration.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favor of permitting Texas to uphold immigration laws. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Kentaji Brown Jackson, who are often associated with the left-leaning spectrum, expressed strong dissent in reaction to the decision.

On Tuesday night the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-1 order stopping the law from taking effect.

Politico has reported that Chief Judge Priscilla Richman, nominated by President George W. Bush, and Judge Irma Ramirez, appointed by Joe Biden, both voted on Tuesday night to reinstate the previous injunction against the law. However, neither provided an explanation for their decision.

Judge Andy Oldham, appointed by President Donald Trump, strongly argued in his dissent that the law should have been allowed to take effect, as the injunction interfered with the legislative process.

The decisions made by both the appeals court and the Supreme Court coincide with the nation’s highest court’s upcoming videoconference hearing on Wednesday morning, focusing on Senate Bill 4, as highlighted by Politico.

Earlier, Texas state officials had celebrated the brief victory of the Lone Star State on Tuesday. Attorney General Ken Paxton labeled the Supreme Court’s decision as a “huge win” in a post on X.

“Texas has defeated the Biden Administration’s and ACLU’s emergency motions at the Supreme Court,” Paxton wrote. “Our immigration law, SB 4, is now in effect,” he said in a post.

“As always, it’s my honor to defend Texas and its sovereignty, and to lead us to victory in court,” he added.

On Tuesday, according to the reports Mexico’s corrupt government declared it would not “under any circumstances” accept the return of illegal aliens from Texas following the Supreme Court ruling.