Elon Musk on Why Dems ‘Won’t Deport’ Illegal Immigrants: They’re ‘Likely Vote’

Elon Musk on Why Dems ‘Won’t Deport’ Illegal Immigrants: They’re ‘Likely Vote’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently said he favors legal immigration, said the “insane” open-border policies is strategy by Democrats to get more votes.

Musk was asked why he believed Democrats were pro-illegal immigration despite the massive spike in human trafficking, murders, and fentanyl deaths.

The “open border” is “politically motivated,” Musk said.

Despite the negative impact on America, Musk said Democrats would not ‘deport’ illegal aliens because “every illegal is a highly likely vote.”

Musk’s remarks came following the tragic death of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student who was murdered by an illegal immigrant released by New York Police and ICE officials.

Meanwhile, the media avoided reporting on the immigration status of Riley’s killer.

Musk made similar remarks earlier this month, saying Biden’s open border is letting millions of people into the U.S. so Democrats can use them for voting to stay in power.

“Biden’s strategy is very simple,” Musk wrote.

“1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.”

“That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple, yet effective.”

The majority of Americans now support a border wall on the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

As we reported, a new poll shows that the majority of Americans now support a wall on the southern border as the issue of illegal immigration intensifies ahead of the 2024 election.

A Monmouth poll released Monday shows that 53 percent of Americans now support building a wall on the southern border with Mexico. Forty-six percent still oppose it.

Four years ago, in a 2019 poll, only 42 percent of Americans supported the idea.

The poll shows that 86 percent of Republicans support a border wall, but also 58 percent of Independents. Only 17 percent of Democrats support the idea.

The poll also shows that 84 percent of voters see illegal immigration as a very serious or somewhat serious issue, a number that has grown significantly since 2019.

Former president Donald Trump also warned of an impending terrorist attack due to the open border.

During a speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual gathering, Trump told attendees in Harrisburg, Pa., that he believes there is a “100 percent chance” that a terrorist attack will take place on U.S. soil due to the border crisis.

“Under Biden, millions of illegals are now pouring into our country, and these include terrorists,” Trump said.

“You have a 100% chance of a major terror attack in the not-too-distant future. It’s a terrible thing to say. … Remember the travel ban?”

“We didn’t take people from countries with the massive terrorism attacks. We don’t want our shopping centers blown up. We don’t want our people destroyed. We don’t want dead children where a family will never be the same.”