Turbo Cancers Are Skyrocketing Among Fully Vaxxed Young People, Pathologist Warns

Turbo Cancers Are Skyrocketing Among Fully Vaxxed Young People, Pathologist Warns

A leading pathologist is raising the alarm after finding that turbo cancers are now skyrocketing among fully vaccinated young people aged 15 to 59 years old.

Croatian pathologist Ivana Pavic warns that all of the patients she is diagnosing with turbo cancers have received multiple doses of Covid mRNA vaccines.

According to Pavic, these mRNA injections are causing rapidly spreading cancers to form in otherwise healthy young people.

Pavic spoke with investigator Steve Kirsch recently about a disturbing phenomenon she is observing in people who got “vaccinated” for Covid.

According to Pavic, 65 percent of all carcinoma cases among people aged 15 through 59 received one or more injections for Covid, with a 55 percent vaccination rate overall in the same age group.

Calculated out, this means that every Covid injection increases one’s risk of this particular form of cancer by 52 percent, something that was not disclosed when the shots were pushed through Operation Warp Speed.

Kirsch interviewed Pavic about the matter and you can watch that interview below.


Kirsch likes to really spell out how he makes his calculations.

And in this case, he presented a simple visual involving 100 people, 55 of whom are vaccinated and 45 of whom are not.

If the cancer risk in both groups is, say, 10 percent, you would have 5.5 and 4.5 with 55 percent vaccinated.

“To get to a 65% ratio, it would mean that more vaxxed people got cancer: 8.342 people,” Kirsch further explains.

“So you then take 8.342 / 5.5 = 1.517. So a 52% increase over baseline risk.”

Based on this, it is a no-brainer why Pavic has not taken any shots and does not recommend them for anyone, regardless of their alleged risk.

“She is not alone,” Kirsch says.

“Hardly anyone in Croatia is opting for the shots anymore either, even though 99% of the doctors recommend them as safe and effective.

“Maybe I can get one of them to come on camera with me to explain their recommendation.”

Kirsch is known for unpacking and explaining these types of damning revelations about COVID jabs – revelations that the corporate-controlled media will never tell the public.

Kirsch also has a large following of actual doctors who likewise report their findings to him.

One of them, a healthcare provider, explained that cases of “turbo” cancer in her circle started out being a strictly vaccinated thing.

However, turbo cancers are now affecting some of her unvaccinated friends.

“While initially, the turbo cancers seem to only happen in the vaccinated, I have three friends / acquaintances in my larger circle of UNVACCINATED that died of fairly sudden cancer,” this person revealed.

“Not all of them would classify as a turbo, possibly, one was for certain an issue with a GPs questionable care.

“There is more and more live blood cell analysis evidence that now the unvaccinated blood shows similar inclusions or challenged blood profiles as initially was only seen in the vaccinated.”

The issue is being caused by “vaccine shedding.”

In other words, COVID jab shedding appears to be passing from vaccinated to unvaccinated, afflicting the latter with some of the same diseases as the former, despite never having taken a single needle.

Another affirmed this, stating that she is likewise seeing an increase in cancer cases among her unvaccinated friends – though these friends supposedly tested “positive” at one point for either the Delta or Omicron variants of the so-called “virus.”

“I continue to say that the creation of the manipulated Spike Protein is the issue that MUST be addressed because that, IMHO, is what is causing almost all of the damage, whether through cancer, cardiac issues, autoimmune diseases, etc.,” this person added.

“People who took the shots certainly have a higher concentration of spike, since there is evidently no mechanism for the body to stop making it, but too many people who did not take the shots are also facing significant health issues.”