‘Snakehead’ Chinese Gangs Are Helping Cartels Smuggle Migrants Into US

‘Snakehead’ Chinese Gangs Are Helping Cartels Smuggle Migrants Into US  Open border

The Biden administration has been pummeled this week as concerns regarding illegal immigration have risen to become the top issue for voters in the run-up to the 2024 election,

RTM recently reported that the U.S. government has funded the transport of more than 320,000 illegal migrants into America, directly from foreign cities.

On Monday, The Daily Mail reported that Chinese gang members are among those flown into America under a federal program that utilizes the CBP One App.

Members of the notorious Chinese “snakehead” gang are now reportedly working with Mexican cartels to facilitate drug and human trafficking operations.

Border patrol agents have reported a spike in the number of Chinese nationals crossing into America — many have shared that current border and immigration policies represent a national security concern.

The Daily Mail reported that many members of the Chinese “snakehead” gang travel from China to cities in Mexico or Central American countries and then pay Mexican cartels thousands for assistance to make their way into America.

Some gang members are aided in crossing the U.S. border, and others are brought to transport points where the American government is known to have flown illegal immigrants into at least 43 U.S. cities. Many now call Mexico home and make their living coaching Chinese nationals and helping them cross into Ameria.

It is reportedly now common to see border crossing area signs in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Local reports indicate that while many migrants from Mexico and Central American countries appear to be poor, Chinese migrants typically “dress stylishly,” a tell of gang associations.

Todd Bensman, a former intelligence officer, told the Daily Mail that gang activity in the southern border region is on the rise: “The ‘snakeheads’ have long operated along the border, but the sudden rise in demand has sent business through the roof,” he said.

“Chinese smuggling has changed in recent years,” Bensman added, noting that gang members have tapped into the lucrative business of facilitating illegal immigration into America.

The former intelligence officer reported that snakeheads are used to coach nationals regarding what to tell U.S. officials. “They’re so well coached and, we would get the same story from all of them, and not one variation,” he said.

“They are instructed [as to] how to enter the US and surrender to Border Patrol agents … and claim asylum.

The going rate [for coaching] is now $600. “The person drives them to a point (on the Mexican side of the border). They are then told, ‘Walk that way.’”

Samuel Schultz, a volunteer migrant aid worker reported that Chinese criminal organizations have been working in Mexico for many years.