Google Unleashes Ultra-Woke AI

Google Unleashes Ultra-Woke AI

Google’s most recent AI chatbot, Gemini, is receiving criticism for producing politically correct yet historically inaccurate images in response to user prompts.

As users explore the extent of the Masters of the Universe’s progressiveness with this new tool, Google has been compelled to apologize for “providing inaccuracies in certain historical image generation depictions.”

According to The New York Post, Gemini, Google’s highly acclaimed AI chatbot, has faced backlash this week for generating excessively progressive and factually incorrect images when prompted to create pictures.

The prompts given to the chatbot resulted in peculiar outcomes such as a female pope, black Vikings, and gender-reversed versions of renowned paintings and photographs.

When requested by The Post to generate an image of a pope, Gemini produced photos of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man adorned in papal attire, disregarding the fact that throughout history, all 266 popes have been white men.

Other users had similarly insane interactions with the AI:

Google finally responded to the fiasco, stating that Gemini has “missed the mark here.”