Insider Reveals Bill Gates Running WHO: ‘Tedros Is Just a Puppet’

Insider Reveals Bill Gates Running WHO: ‘Tedros Is Just a Puppet’

A United Nations (UN) insider has revealed a small handful of unelected globalists are secretly running the World Health Organization (WHO).

The news comes as the WHO continues to push toward establishing itself as a single world government with the implementation of its tyrannical “Global Pandemic Treaty.”

However, despite appearances, the WHO is not being run by Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, or even its parent agency – the UN.

A UN insider has blown the whistle to reveal that the WHO is actually being run by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and two other globalist organization.

Aside from Gates, the WHO is also being run by The Rockefeller Foundation and The Wellcome Trust.

However, The Wellcome Trust receives donations to “prevent” virus outbreaks while also heavily investing in pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines, meaning the multi-billion-dollar organization profits massively from pandemics.

According to Dr. David Martin, a leading vaccine expert with insider contacts at the UN and the WHO, “Tedros is just a puppet.”

Martin warns that Tedros is being controlled by Gates and other outside forces.

Tedros has a “giant stick up his ass, which is what’s making his mouth move,” Martin asserts.

“But who’s moving the stick for the puppet?”

“By 2023, which is kind of where we are right now, Gates represents 88% of the donations to the World Health Organization from donor organizations and agencies.

“By any definition, that’s a controlling interest.”

Bill Gates is no philanthropist; he’s laundering money into the WHO and preparing to position himself as a global leader with unlimited powers over sovereign nations.

Martin reveals that Gates and his fellow World Economic Forum (WEF) globalists are planning to introduce vaccinations that could potentially lead to as much as a 20% reduction in the Earth’s population.

According to Dr. Martin, “Those are not allegations; those are stated objectives.”


This new information provides rock-solid confirmation that the WHO does not have the public’s health interests at heart.