Pentagon Insider Sounds the Alarm: “World War 3 Will Begin This Year”

Pentagon Insider Sounds the Alarm: “World War 3 Will Begin This Year”

A Pentagon insider has warned that the world is on the brink of World War 3, and has urged citizens to prepare for all-out war in the coming months.

According to reports, a source inside the US Pentagon has warned the world is on the brink of a major conflict as Iran and its allies continue to launch attacks across the Middle East:

The warning comes as Iranian-backed proxies destabilize the Middle East by attacking Israel and US targets, as well as international shipping in the region.

Iran itself has also carried out strikes in neighboring Iraq and Pakistan as well as Syria sending tensions soaring. reports: We have see many say across the internet that they wouldn’t want to survive a nuclear war, but there will be survivors, so unless they plan to go against the written word, survive they must, and they will hopefully be prepared to do so.

That isn’t the only warnings we are hearing as President Trump recently offered the same warning in Iowa, and Russian news anchor Vladimir Solovyov also warning his audience that the planet was “moving towards WWII.” (H/T Michael Snyder)

While the middle east is the most unstable at the moment, Europe is also the location of conflict with the Russia-Ukraine war.  A NATO Military committee chair recent explained why NATO is also preparing for a wider conflict. He stated “It is not a given that we are in peace.” Video of those comments are at the bottom of the article.


From the link above about the Pentagon insider, we see the following warning to Iran:

Defense expert Nicholas Drummond echoed concerns that the conflict in the Middle East could potentially escalate but warned that if Tehran directly attacked Israel, the ensuing war would be “the end of Iran”.

For most sane leaders that knowledge would slow them down, make them think before doing anything that could “end” their country, but when it comes to Iran, those warnings are more incentive than disincentive.

According to the Islamic Republic’s 2016 census, nearly all of Iran’s 89 million as of 2023 population are Muslims with 99% reporting that they are Muslim.

To radical Muslims the closer the world gets to end times, the sooner the Mahdi appears. The Mahdi, to them, is a “messianic deliverer who will fill earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world,” according to Britannica

The following headlines clearly show that Iran is behind almost all that has been happening in the middle east since the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel by Hamas.

• Iran and Hezbollah military leaders aiding Houthis attacks on vessels crossing Red Sea

• Hamas received weapons and training from Iran, officials say

• Iran fires missiles into Pakistan as Israel-Hamas war tension spreads

• Iran ups the ante against US, proxies strike Iraq military base with ballistic missiles

• From Lebanon to the Red Sea, a Broader Conflict With Iran Looms

Iran wants World War III and controls and/or facilitates enough proxies, which include Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis, to continue throwing matches at the powder keg that is the middle east.

We recently found out that Iran is also close to producing an atomic bomb.

In his report, Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, wrote, “Today, it would need only about a week to produce enough for its first nuclear weapon. It could have enough weapon-grade uranium for six weapons in one month, and after five months of producing weapon-grade uranium, it could have enough for 12.”

The number one state sponsor of terror, Iran, will soon be a nuclear power.


Via the Daily Mail we see the following headline on January 21, 2024: “What do they know? World’s billionaires are building bunkers and assembling fortresses outside their mansions.”

Late last year it emerged Mark Zuckerberg was building a $100 million hidden fortress buried beneath his Hawaiian island ranch, complete with its own energy and food supplies and blast-resistant doors.

Billionaire wellness entrepreneur Frank VanderSloot — Idaho’s richest man — recently bought a 2,000-acre ranch south of Zuck’s compound for a cool $51 million.

And OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman once let slip that he and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel have an ‘arrangement’ in case the world is ending: If things hit the fan, Altman said in 2016, the pair would lay low at one of Thiel’s properties in New Zealand.

It is not clear whether they are preparing for WWIII, economic collapse, societal collapse, or any other number of possible scenarios, but they obviously know something is coming and are preparing for it.


At this point it is doubtful that anyone knows what exactly will turn the wars occurring now into an official WWIII, but is has become crystal clear that nations are taking sides in the ongoing wars, some with nuclear capabilities.

With China’s warnings regarding Taiwan, yet another conflict is on the horizon as well, and surely the Biden regime will manage to find a way to insert American into that as well.

It is my personal belief that what the world has been observing since the Russia/Ukraine conflict, with NATO, following America’s lead, butting in, and the middle east conflicts that continue to increase, that we living through the beginning stages of the next World War.

I pray I am wrong, and something will stop what is happening, but it is doubtful that there are any cooler heads capable of putting the genie back in the bottle.