Top EU Official Admits ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Depopulation Scam

Top EU Official Admits ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Depopulation Scam  extremist

A top European Union official has blown the whistle on the so-called “climate emergency” and revealed that the whole narrative is a “depopulation scam.”

The WEF’s Green Deal championed by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, involving 15 minutes cities, the banning of meat and dairy products, and huge tax hikes on the public, has sparked widespread protests, especially among farmers in Europe.

The Vigilant Fox reports: However, German Member of the European Parliament Christine Anderson says protestors are not extremists. No. “The real Extremists are sitting on the German government bench!” she declared.

“Criticizing the government is not anti-constitutional, but a government that disregards the people … is anti-constitutional!” MEP Anderson added.

She lamented that “our economy is in tatters,” and “a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country” because of globalist policies to put the “climate emergency” above all else.

As such, MEP Anderson urged the government to end the climate nonsense. “I call on you all to finally stop fleecing the citizens and making them pay for your crazy, ideological, and mentally-retarded projects.”