WEF Urges Govt’s To Arrest Citizens Who Talk About ‘Tsunami of Deaths’ Among Vaxxed

WEF Urges Govt’s To Arrest Citizens Who Talk About ‘Tsunami of Deaths’ Among Vaxxed

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has urged government’s around the world to begin arresting citizens who publicly talk about the tsunami of deaths among the fully vaccinated population.

According to the globalists, if users post anything on social media that suggests vaccinations cause adverse reactions, they must be censored, demonetized, and ultimately arrested for their crimes.

Multiple mainstream media outlets recently called for users on X to be banned for spreading the “conspiracy theory” that Shawn Barber died following his vaccination.

ANP reports: Yet if the WEF and WHO and even Joe Biden and the US govt have their way, simply speaking about the alarming death of Barber at the age of 29 as being somehow tied to the vax should be a punishable crime. Yet as we ALL know by now, it is those genocidal crooks themselves who should be shaking in their boots and VERY SOON facing charges, even executions, for engineering genocide. Some of those posts called crazy* conspiracy theories that the WEF/WHO would love to outlaw being spoken.: 

An X user tweeted, “There sure are a whole lot of young and healthy athletes dying since the jabs rolled out. RIP.”

Another user wrote, “Medical complications, ah, that explains it.”

The Vaccines aren’t so safe and effective I see. Thank God I didn’t get Vaxxed,” one user chimed in.

A user questioned, “Why are so many young healthy people suddenly dying since the vaccine roll out?”

Another added, “How is it libs have managed to sink themselves so far up their own asses they still cannot see how YOUNG PEOPLE ARE DYING RIGHT & LEFT LATELY?! Is it pride or ego preventing from admitting they WERE PLAYED? ANOTHER ‘SUDDEN DEATH’ OF A YOUNG MAN. RIP.”

Why was it considered to be OK to ask someone if they have been ‘vaccinated’ during the mad push for vaccine passports and excluding people from society, but now “vaccination” status is not mentioned? I think that the answer to this should be very clear to us,” a tweet read.

So while the WEF/WHO global government ‘conglomerate‘ would love to punish Americans and people around the world for putting out tweets like the ones seen above for spreading ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation,’ people such as Dr. Paul Alexander has labeled these people still attempting to murder people via their vax as the ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse who MUST be held accountable for their genocidal crimes upon humanity, and that means they should be executed if found guilty. 

This brand new story by Dr. William Makis MD is absolutely alarming. Titled “mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancer Tsunami is underway – and it’s driven by young people,” as the story reports, new cancer diagnoses are expected to hit a record high in 2024 according to this story from Axios using alarming statistics and a statement by the American Cancer Society

With the ACS warning that this huge spike in the numbers of cancers is being alarmingly driven by young people, check out some of the statements below we’ve republished from that story.

– New cancer diagnoses in the U.S. are expected to top 2 million for the first time in 2024, driven in large part by an alarming increase in cancers among younger Americans, according to new American Cancer Society data. 

– “Doctors are trying to figure out why they’re seeing more young patients with cancer.” 

– “Colorectal cancers are presenting with more aggressive disease and larger tumors at diagnosis,” ACS chief scientific officer William Dahut told Axios. 

–  “Preliminary MSK research found significant differences in the microbiomes of early-onset colorectal cancer patients compared with older ones.” 

– “Notably, people aged younger than 50 years were the only one of these three age groups to experience an increase in overall cancer incidence during this time period,” the ACS report said.

Proving that what we’re witnessing in this huge spike of rapidly growing ‘turbo cancers’ among the young and previously healthy is ANYTHING BUT ‘normal,’ most of the mainstream media, US government, WEF, WHO, CDC, NIH and all of the rest of them STILL REFUSE to report upon this massive spike in the numbers of cancers in young people, nor the tsunami of deaths we’ve seen. 

And while the Wall Street Journal did put out this story titled “Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled,” their pathetic subtitle of “Researchers are trying to figure out what is making more young adults sick, and how to identify those at high risk” is MORE PROOF they aren’t even bothering to look at the vax as causing all of this sickness and death, a heartbreaking topic that all of the videos below take a look at. Showing once again the independent media is miles and miles and years and years ahead of the MSM, while outlets like the WEF and WHO seek to criminalize the truth. And we can certainly see why, as people around the world finding out the MSM is covering up genocide will end up very, very badly for all of the guilty who put profits ahead of humanity.