First off, when I’m talking about “racism”, I’m not talking about being strung up and lynched.

I’ve said this many times before and will say this again:

Thailand is one of the safest countries I’ve ever visited.  I feel safer walking down the streets of Bangkok at 3am than I ever would in any major American city!

But unlike America where we have stupid hippie organizations which goes over the line trying to make everything fair for everyone, Thailand has no such organizations.

So just a heads up, these a few ways you will be discriminated against in Thailand:

1- Entrance to Clubs

Any foreigner who has ever walked into RCA club in Bangkok on a weekend night will relate to this.

All the Thais walk directly into the club.  All foreigners are herded to the side where they are forced to pay an entrance fee.  This will happen with quite a few clubs throughout Thailand.

2- Golf Courses

If you golf in Thailand, this can really get under your skin.  There are some courses around Bangkok where foreigners are charged two or three times more than Thais to play.

3- Phi Phi

Once you get off the boat into Phi Phi, all foreigners have to pay a fee to step onto the island.  The fee isn’t much, just like 20 baht (about 1usd), but it wasn’t required last year.

4- Full Moon Party

Take a speed boat from Samui to Koh Phangan and you will pay two times more than the Thais.


5- Hi Society Women

There comes a time in every man’s life who lives in Thailand where they get tired of beautiful young women and want to try highly educated, wealthy, hi-society women.  The type of women who come from wealthy families or may even be associated with the royal line.

Good luck with this gentlemen.  Unless you have some massive Thai connections, all hi-society Thais will look down upon other Thais who are with foreigners.

Note though, this won’t affect 99% of you out there.  But if you are like me and like to reach for the stars, this will be a constant thorn in your side…