Rand Paul Exposes Nikki Haley as Globalist on New ‘Never Nikki’ Website

Rand Paul Exposes Nikki Haley as Globalist on New ‘Never Nikki’ Website

GOP Sen. Rand Paul launched a new anti-Nikki Haley website on Friday titled “Never Nikki,” exposing the former United Nations Ambassador as a globalist.

Paul wrote on X:

“Based on her record and campaign, I don’t see how any thoughtful or informed libertarian or conservative should vote for @NikkiHaley.”

“If you agree, let your voice be heard,” Paul, of Kentucky, wrote on the social media platform X.

In the thread, Paul says he likes the different aspects of three Republican presidential candidates, including former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

However, Paul said he has yet to make a first choice.

“I’m interested in the ideas of some independents too, such as @RobertKennedyJr,” Paul wrote.

In a long thread, Paul explained why other libertarians won’t and should not vote for Nikki Haley.

“While most others were decrying the mistakes of the past 20 years, and fighting for an America First foreign policy, @NikkiHaley was aligning herself with and declaring her foreign policy allies to be John McCain and Lindsey Graham,” Paul said.

Paul also said that Haley lacks respect for the First Amendment, adding that she has a globalist mindset and believes in unlimited foreign aid to other countries.

“I am #NeverNikki and I hope you will be too,” Paul concluded.

Paul’s remarks came just days after billionaire LinkedIn co-founder and major Democrat donor Reid Hoffman, who donated $250,000 to Nikki Haley’s campaign, was exposed for visiting Epstein Island.

Hoffman donated to Haley’s campaign after a chief executive for JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, called on Democrat donors to donate to Haley through the SFA Fund Inc. super PAC.

Last year, Hoffman admitted he had visited Epstein’s island, Little St. James, telling the Wall Street Journal, “It gnaws me that, by lending my association, I helped his reputation, and thus delayed justice for his survivors.”

According to then-MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, Hoffman “attended a few fundraising events at [his] request, including one trip to Little St. James, after [he] confirmed to Reid that Mr. Epstein had been an approved donor target for MIT in accordance with university rules and regulations.”

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