Pfizer to Make Billions from Treating ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’

Pfizer to Make Billions from Treating ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has just invested billions of dollars into treatments for a looming “heart failure pandemic.”

Pfizer, the same company that sold you the so-called vaccines, is making a big bet on that “heart failure pandemic.”

The pharmaceutical giant recently acquired several companies.

This includes a major $6.7 billion cash acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals, a firm specializing in developing treatments, particularly for heart inflammation conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis.

The company is expected to make tens of billions of dollars in profits from the spike in heart failure.

So, the company that caused the heart damage is now looking to profit from heart damage.

The news comes as scientists are now warning that the latest COVID variant could trigger a “heart failure pandemic.”

Research into the new strain known as JN.1, could cause a “global healthcare risk” related to COVID-19, stating that it could start a “heart failure pandemic.”

Health experts have warned that there is an increase in the chances of potential heart issues for those who catch the disease.

Due to the influx of a new strain JN.1, there has been a spike in Covid cases in several countries.

Scientists are claiming that new strains are responsible for the spike in deadly heart failure that started in 2021.


Countries including the US, UK, China, and India have all suffered soaring heart failure cases in recent weeks.

Japan’s top research institute Riken has now issued a warning in the new report.

The report states that the ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus clings to within human cells, are “very common” in the heart.

This means many people who catch the virus may suffer from “reduced cardiac function,” the scientists claim.

Health officials are warning that combined with a rising number of flu cases, this winter may see a significant increase in illness cases.

The report states:

“Even though conclusive clinical evidence that persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with declined cardiac function has not been reported so far, the proof-of-concept study of the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 persistent infection of the heart and the potential risk of opportunistic progression of heart failure should be validated by a three-dimensional human cardiac tissue model which would serve as the alarm bell for a global healthcare risk.”

The report fails to note, however, that the spike in heart failure is almost exclusively among the Covid mRNA vaccinated.