Vaccinated Piers Morgan Reveals He Has VAIDS – Blames Non-Vaxxed

Vaccinated Piers Morgan Reveals He Has VAIDS – Blames Non-Vaxxed

UK talk show host Piers Morgan has developed Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) as a result of repeated mRNA shots and boosters.

According to Morgan, he has tested positive for Covid-19 and has a severely depleted immune system after receiving the toxic injections.

The outspoken TV personality shared his Covid test Tuesday on Twitter and said he felt “as rough as a badger’s a*se” before blaming his VAIDS condition on the “anti-vaccination” community.

The destructive immunity response following vaccination is caused by “altered cytokine responses”. Cytokines are small proteins that are produced by our immune system in response to infection. The more jabs a person receives, the more depleted the immune system becomes, resulting in VAIDS. reports: Morgan, who claimed he had his last booster 2 years ago, said he didn’t take the latest booster shot because he “believed the anti-vax” experts.“Not making that mistake again!” he quipped.

In response to a cheeky post by Andrew Tate, Morgan claimed he wouldn’t have contracted COVID again if he’d just taken that latest booster shot, again blaming “anti-vaxx imbeciles.”

“Thanks for your concern, Andrew. Ironically, if I’d had another covid booster I wouldn’t have caught the damn thing again and wouldn’t be feeling so rough. That’ll teach me for listening to ill-informed anti-vaxx imbeciles on the internet… !

This isn’t Morgan’s first encounter with Covid.

The liberal host in 2021 announced that he was experiencing long Covid symptoms, including fatigue and the loss of smell and taste.

Numerous studies have shown that not only is the vaccine ineffective, but individuals who took the Covid shots were more likely than unvaccinated individuals to be reinfected with Covid.

But the media of course has been diligently covering up that phenomenon.