Cambridge Scientists Admit 25% of Vaccinated People Now Have VAIDS

Cambridge Scientists Admit 25% of Vaccinated People Now Have VAIDS

Research scientists at the world-renowned Cambridge University in the UK have admitted that one in four vaccinated people have now developed an chronic immune deficiency response, also known as vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS).

As per the research findings, 25% of individuals who underwent the experimental Covid mRNA injections are now experiencing an “unintended immune response.”

The scientists claim in their paper that this particular “unintended immune response” caused by the mRNA vaccine was “generated by a glitch.”

While the Cambridge scientists and mainstream media refer to the impact on immune systems as a “glitch” or “unintended” response, experts have long been sounding the alarm about the potential effects on individuals’ immune systems.

“Cambridge scientists found such vaccines were not perfect and sometimes led to nonsense proteins being made instead of the desired Covid ‘spike’, which mimics infection and leads to antibody production,” the UK Telegraph reports.

“It was thought the minor tweak to uridine caused no problems in cells, but a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit have now found when this partially synthetic code is read, the protein-making machine in the body sometimes struggles with the uridine analogs.”

“These findings were shared with medicines regulator MHRA around a year ago, the scientists say, and updated vaccines that use the improved form of mRNA are in the works for cancer jabs, and other therapeutics,” the report adds.

Mainstream media outlets are working tirelessly to cover up the impact of the study.

A report from Science magazine has distorted the scientists’ findings, asserting that the unintended proteins generated by the injections may not be inflicting any harm.

However, Science published another article in July confirming COVID-19 shots are linked to the development of VAIDS.

The report from the outlet highlighted that mRNA injections have the potential to induce conditions like small fiber neuropathy and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

In alignment with the Cambridge study, it was revealed that Covid shots generate a “nonsensical and harmless protein” that becomes the target of the body’s attack, consequently triggering an immune system flare-up.

Contrary to the notion presented by the media outlet, an immune system flare-up is far from a “harmless” issue.

The impairment inflicted on the immune system could be linked to various adverse reactions.

A case in point is political commentator Megyn Kelly, who reportedly developed an autoimmune issue following her Covid shot, as reported by The People’s Voice.

The former Fox News star disclosed in September that she had been diagnosed with VAIDS, attributing the damage to her immune system to the Covid vaccine.

In a recorded statement, Kelly expressed regret over her decision to take the vaccine, stating, “I regret getting the vaccine even though I am a 52-year-old woman because I don’t think I needed it. I think I would have been fine. I’ve gotten COVID many times, and it was well past when the vaccine was doing what it was supposed to be doing.”

“For the first time, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical,” Kelly added.

“And I went to the best Rheumatologist in New York, and I asked her, ‘do you think this could have to do with the fact that got the damn booster and then got COVID within three weeks?’

“And she said. ‘yes. Yes.’

“I wasn’t the only one she’d seen that with.”

Global demands for a comprehensive investigation into the shots have been escalating.

Despite these calls, the vaccines remain readily accessible in most Western nations.

Regrettably, for millions worldwide, it is a situation that comes too late, as many have already succumbed or suffered permanent damage due to the experimental mRNA technology.