Ep. 47 Tucker Carlson: Imprisoned American Journalist’s Father Makes Impassioned Plea

Ep. 47 Tucker Carlson: Imprisoned American Journalist’s Father Makes Impassioned Plea  Gonzalo Lira

The American journalist is currently being held in a prison in Ukraine, his only crime? Criticizing the puppet Zelensky—the man who has brought ruin upon his people by acting as a NATO marionette.

All Zelensky had to do was not do the bidding of the evil leaders in the West and Ukraine would have been spared.

Instead, 500,000 innocent people have died, elections suspended, religious institutions targeted, and journalists jailed, and the worst part of it all? Ukraine isn’t even winning the war.

Should we rot away in a dark, dank prison for telling the truth? Absolutely not, and neither should Gonzalo Lira.

What tears me up though is that the federal government continues to give money to one of the most corrupt nations on the planet while that corrupt nation is detaining an American.

Gonzalo Lira’s father recently joined Tucker Carlson on the latest episode of his Show on X to alert the world to the plight of his son and hopefully push our ‘leaders’ to do something. Take a look and spread the message: free Gonzalo Lira NOW.

Ukrainian propaganda outlet The New Voice of Ukraine reported earlier this year:

According to investigation, the man is a citizen of a Latin American country but has lived in Kharkiv for several years.

Law enforcement authorities accuse him of supporting Russian occupation and valorizing Moscow’s apparent war crimes during the war.

Additionally, he is said to have engaged in attempts to discredit Ukraine’s highest military and political leadership.

Elon Musk called out Zelensky and sought answers from the Ukrainian dictator regarding the detainment of an innocent American journalist.

Below are some of Lira’s last online posts before he was arrested and detained by the totalitarian regime in Ukraine.

Business Insider featured this short biography on Lira:

(Born February 29, 1968) is an American novelist and filmmaker born in Burbank, California

He is the son of Gonzalo Lira Valdés and María Isabel López Hess; he is a descendant of José Miguel Carrera,.[1] He grew up in the San Fernando Valley, New York City, and Miami, as well as Guayaquil, Ecuador.

He completed high school at St. George’s College in Santiago, Chile, in 1985. He attended Dartmouth College in 1991, graduating with honors in 1995, with a degree in history and philosophy.

His first novel was Counterparts, a commercial thriller published in 1997. His first Spanish language novel was Tomáh Errázurih, a highly experimental coming-of-age story published in 1998.

After moving to lower Manhattan in 1998, Lira wrote, produced and directed a comic short film, So Kinky.

He worked developing video games such as Soldier of Fortune.[2] He wrote his next novel, Acrobat, in 2002.

The novel was subsequently purchased by Miramax to be turned into a motion picture.

In 2002, he moved to Chile. He began writing and producing Spanish language feature films.

He co-wrote, produced and directed the film Catalina’s Kidnapping, a Spanish language thriller in 2006.[3]

Starting in 2010, Lira began contributing economic analysis to Zero Hedge and naked capitalism and Business Insider.