Texas Sues Pfizer for ‘Defrauding Public’ With ‘Depopulation Vaccines’

Texas Sues Pfizer for ‘Defrauding Public’ With ‘Depopulation Vaccines’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as launched a massive lawsuit against Big Pharma giant Pfizer for defrauding the public with their deadly mRNA vaccinations.

Paxton’s lawsuit, filed last Thursday, accuses Pfizer of making false claims regarding the efficacy of its Covid jabs.

Beckernews.com reports: The state’s top prosecutor claims that Pfizer also waged an internet censorship effort to suppress doubts about the safety and efficacy of the lucrative jabs.

Pfizer is accused in Paxton’s complaint of engaging in deceptive marketing activities that violate the Texas Deceptive Trade activities Act.

The lawsuit argues that Pfizer misrepresented its vaccine’s capacity to prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from infecting jab recipients and spreading throughout the populace.  It also contends that the company’s claims of ’95 percent efficacy’ were intentionally misleading.

Here, the proof is in the pudding. While Pfizer’s 95% figure made its vaccines seem highly effective, the truth was quite different. When it began making those claims, Pfizer possessed on average only two months of clinical trial data from which to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. Of 17,000 placebo recipients, only 162 acquired COVID-19 during this two-month period. Based on those numbers, vaccination status had a negligible impact on whether a trial participant contracted COVID-19. The risk of acquiring COVID-19 was so small in the first instance during this short window that Pfizer’s vaccine only fractionally improved a person’s risk of infection. And a vaccine recipient’s absolute risk reduction—the federal Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) preferred efficacy metric—showed that the vaccine was merely 0.85% effective. Moreover, according to Pfizer’s own data, preventing one COVID-19 case required vaccinating. That was the simple truth. But Pfizer’s fusillade of public representations bore no resemblance to reality.

The Texas lawsuit then lays out the dominoes that fell because of this misrepresentation of vaccine efficacy.

Having seeded the marketplace with its misleading “95% effective” representation, Pfizer
expanded its deception campaign across several fronts:

• First, duration of protection: FDA recognized when it first authorized Pfizer’s vaccine that it was “not possible” to know how effective the vaccine would remain beyond two months. But in early 2021, Pfizer deliberately created the false impression that its vaccine had durable and sustained protection, going so far as to withhold highly relevant data and information from the consuming public showing that efficacy waned rapidly (State of Texas v. Pfizer, Inc. Plaintiff’s Original Petition Page 3 of 4)
• Second, transmission: FDA warned Pfizer that it “needed” additional information to determine whether the vaccine protected against “transmission” of COVID-19 between persons. But Pfizer instead engaged in a fear-mongering campaign, exploiting intense public fears over the year-long pandemic by insinuating that vaccination was necessary for Americans to protect their loved ones from contracting COVID-19.
• Third, variant protection: Pfizer knowingly made false and unsupported claims about vaccine performance against variants, including specifically the so-called Delta variant. The vaccine performed remarkably poorly against the Delta variant, and Pfizer’s own data confirmed this fact. Nonetheless, Pfizer told the public that its vaccine was “very, very, very effective against Delta.”

“Pfizer’s product, buoyed by the company’s misrepresentations, enriched the company
enormously,” the lawsuit added.

The Texas lawsuit accuses Pfizer of five violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The complaint specifically mentions the company’s targeting of former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member.

According to the lawsuit, Gottlieb was involved in flagging social media postings and accounts that questioned the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine, knowing that such acts would have severe consequences for those accounts.

Paxton is seeking that Pfizer refrain from making any future promises regarding the efficacy of its Covid vaccine.

The Republican prosecutor also wants Pfizer to be barred from partnering with social media platforms in order to discourage open debate over the vaccine.

He is also seeking $10,000 in civil fines and further damages for each infringement.

If it can be proven in a court of law that Pfizer defrauded the public while pushing its Covid vaccines and colluded to silence its critics, this would provide evidence of a criminal conspiracy and open the pharmaceutical company up to massive civil lawsuits.