John Kerry Demands End to Coal Plants ‘Anywhere in the World’

John Kerry Demands End to Coal Plants ‘Anywhere in the World’  climate
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Self-described “militant” climate Czar John Kerry s said coal plants should not be permitted “anywhere in the world” during a speech at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai

Regarding climate policies, Kerry said he is becoming “more and more” militant because he claims people are avoiding responsibility and not doing what they are told.

“We don’t need that necessarily to tell us we ought to be transitioning out of coal,” Kerry said.

“There shouldn’t be any more coal power plants permitted anywhere in the world.”

“That’s how you can do something for health. And the reality is that we’re not doing it,” he added.

During the conference, Kerry spoke during the first dedicated “Health Day,” which focused on connections between the climate crisis and health.

Kerry claimed climate and health issues are both related.

Biden’s Climate Czar has been driving home his ‘climate’ alarm message as he flies across the world in his private jet.

Now, Kerry said he is becoming more militant about coal plants, adding that he does not “understand how adults who are in positions of responsibility can be avoiding responsibility for taking away those things that are killing people on a daily basis.”

Kerry also recently expressed frustration because he claims more people should pay attention to his message, notably with China continuing its use of coal.

According to an NPR report from March, China permitted more coal power plants last year than at any time in the last seven years.

“It’s the equivalent of about two new coal power plants per week. The report by energy data organizations Global Energy Monitor and the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air finds the country quadrupled the amount of new coal power approvals in 2022 compared to 2021.

That’s despite the fact that much of the world is getting off coal, says Flora Champenois, coal research analyst at Global Energy Monitor and one of the co-authors of the report.”

“Everybody else is moving away from coal and China seems to be stepping on the gas,” she says.

“We saw that China has six times as much plants starting construction as the rest of the world combined.”

Kerry also praised the Biden administration’s announcement that it was sending a whopping 3 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds to the UN flagship Green Climate Fund (GCF).

“The GCF has established a strong track record of enabling countries to accelerate the energy transition, assisting communities around the world in building resilience to the impacts of the climate crisis, and mobilizing significant private capital for climate action,” Kerry said as he cheered the cash largesse funded by U.S. taxpayers.

Coal plant closures and potential blackouts

Kerry’s remarks came just a week after a power grid operator in the mid-Atlantic warned that the planned shutdown of a coal-fired power plant could affect the electrical supply to millions of Americans, causing a total blackout.

PJM Interconnection, the company that manages wholesale electricity for 65 million Americans in 13 states, said they expect the shutdown of the Brandon Shores coal power plant to disrupt the power.

The plant’s owner, Talen Energy, recently struck a deal with the environmentalist group Sierra Club to deactivate it by 2025 to reduce carbon dioxide outputs and help fight ‘climate change.’

Jeff Shields, a spokesperson for PJM Interconnection, told Fox News:

“The PJM region and the state of Maryland are facing future reliability challenges as a result of the announced retirement of the Brandon Shores units.”

“Specifically, PJM analyses showed that the deactivation of the Brandon Shores units would cause severe voltage drop and thermal violations across seven PJM zones, which could lead to a widespread reliability risk in Baltimore and the immediate surrounding areas.”