Italy Bans Bill Gates’ Lab Grown Meat Citing “Serious Health Concerns”

Italy Bans Bill Gates’ Lab Grown Meat Citing “Serious Health Concerns”

Citing “serious health concerns, “Italy has decided to ban fake meat from the country,

Several recent studies show that lab-grown synthetic meat of the kind being promoted by billionaire Bill Gates is triggering the formation of turbo cancers in humans…….just like the Covid-19 vaccines are.

InfoWars reports: In contrast to a recent decision by the Biden regime to fast-track the approval of synthetic meat here in America, Italy is taking the opposite approach by banning the stuff outright before it gets the chance to harm the Italian people.
“Italy is the first nation to say no to synthetic food, to so-called ‘synthetic meat,’” announced Health Minister Orazio Schillaci. “It does so with a formal and official act.”
“The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing, and import of synthetic foods within our territory.”
According to Schillaci, Italy’s new regulations against synthetic meat aim to protect the general public against any situation in which “the environmental public health could be at risk, or when there is uncertainty regarding the effects of certain products that are being or will be introduced to the market or consumed.”
“It is crucial to have measures in place to address these potential risks and ensure the safety of the environment and public health in such cases,” he added – watch the video below:

Biden regime fast-tracks approval of synthetic meat, including Gates’ lab-grown “chicken meat”

Much of the push in favor of synthetic meat comes not only from Gates but also other globalists such as Klaus Schwab, the goon in charge of the World Economic Forum (WEF), who claim it is necessary to stop “global warming” and “climate change.”

Back in 2021 in promotion of his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Gates told MIT Technology Review that “all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef.”

Gates’ dream for the world probably will not come to fruition, at least as he envisioned it, because science continues to show that synthetic meat consumption is linked to cancer via the immortalized cell lines that the body uses to manufacture cancer cells in the presence of a provoking substance, in this case fake meat.

Fake president Joe Biden’s regime has so far indicated its full support for the unleashing of fake meat here in the U.S., where private corporate interests seem to control just about everything.

In an unprecedented move, Biden’s U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the sale of Gates’ lab-grown “chicken meat” back in late June. This approval from regulators will allow fake meat companies everywhere to flood the U.S. food market with their toxic, deadly products.

“Now we need to ban any WEF and NOW (new world order) product or message,” one commenter wrote in response to the good news out of Italy.

“Back in old blighty, our bribery whores in UN parliament will happily push this crap on us,” wrote another, presumably from the United Kingdom where, like in the U.S., fake meat and other garbage is more easily approved and pushed on the public due to government corruption.