Americans Begin Panic-Buying Guns and Ammo amid WW3 Fears

Americans Begin Panic-Buying Guns and Ammo amid WW3 Fears

As the Israel-Hamas war becomes more evident that WW3 is on the horizon, law-abiding Americans have taken to panic buying guns and ammo.

According to fresh data from the ammo tracking website Ammo Prices Now, 5.56×45mm NATO caliber ammunition listed online by popular brands has surged 39% in the past week, from .36 per round on Oct. 14 to .50 per round on Sunday.

The price surge is much larger than the move in early 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The price of 223 Remington also surged 42% last week.

As the Israel-Hamas war threatens to spill out into a global conflict, especially since Iran has promised to get involved, a country with the support of Russia and China, WW3 looks highly likely.

As we reported on Tuesday, Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned of an impending WW3 as he told his viewers to be ready because it “Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran.”


As recently reported, Iran’s threats to Israel and the United States have become increasingly overt over the past few days, most notably after Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, the head of the Iranian Armed Forces, said the American support for Israel could “make other actors intervene,” namely Russia and China.

Other high-profile figures warning of WW3 include Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Indy100 reported:

The billionaire owner of the social media platform warned that the United States is “sleepwalking into World War III” and that “civilization itself may be at stake.”

Musk said US foreign policy right now should be preventing a situation of “a regional conflict rapidly becoming a global conflict.”

Musk added that US foreign policy has been about “forcing Russia to ally with Iran and China” for a number of years, and that it should “figure out” a road towards peace in Ukraine and “resume normal relations with Russia.”

The discussion also featured Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who has previously expressed isolationist, some argue pro-Russia, views on the Ukraine war.

He argued last year that the US should force Ukraine to cede much of the territory taken by Russia in the eastern part of the country, in return for President Vladimir Putin cutting military ties with China.

In regards to the recent guns and ammo buying surge, Elon Musk also said on X last week:

“As tragic as the mass shootings are, armed citizens are essential to the defense of democracy.”