Biden Boasts ‘White People’ Will Soon Be a Minority Due To ‘Unrelenting Immigration’

Biden Boasts ‘White People’ Will Soon Be a Minority Due To ‘Unrelenting Immigration’

Joe Biden told Pro Publica that America will “very shortly” be a “minority white” country, thanks to the millions of illegal aliens entering through the open border.

Previously, Biden vowed to make white Americans an “absolute minority” in their own country by way of “non-stop” third-world immigration.

Biden’s interview with Pro Publica hit the internet on Sunday and touched on numerous topics as the embattled Democrat begins gearing up for 2024. In addition to slamming the free exchange of news, information, and ideas online, Biden took numerous swipes at the American people.

“The world’s changing, John,” Biden told the Pro Publica interviewer. “And we’re gonna be, the fact is, we’re gonna be very shortly a minority white European country,” he said.

Biden went on to claim that despite the descendants of America’s founding population and its Greatest Generation becoming a minority in their own country, nothing is actually going to change. According to Biden, Republicans need to make it “clear” to white people that they must accept minority status.

“And, sometimes, my colleagues don’t speak enough to make it clear that, that doesn’t, that’s not gonna change how we operate. That’s not gonna change them,” said Biden.

That claim is absurd on its face, considering the skyrocketing levels of drug addiction, violent crime, wage suppression, etc. associated with America’s open borders, and the extreme-left voting patterns of third-world migrants and their children, many of whom hail from socialist and communist countries.

Biden’s predictions of a white-minority America are nothing new, and date back to his days in the United States Senate and the Obama Administration.

As previously reported, in 2014, sitting alongside Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden said that white Americans would soon be made an “absolute minority” through “non-stop” third-world immigration, and called the demise of America’s founding population a “source of our strength.”

The secret to America’s success, Biden said at the time, “is an unrelenting stream of immigration – nonstop.”

“Folks like me,” he went on, “who are Caucasian, of European descent,” will soon be “an absolute minority in the United States of America, absolute minority,” he boasted.