Tucker Carlson Provokes Controversy by Revisiting ‘Lies’ About George Floyd’s Death

Tucker Carlson Provokes Controversy by Revisiting ‘Lies’ About George Floyd’s Death

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed George Floyd’s death and ex-policeman Derek Chauvin’s indictment for his homicide on his X (formerly Twitter) show on Friday.

The death of the African-American man in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020 triggered nationwide demonstrations.

Carlson stated in new testimony that it is “indisputable” that the former Minneapolis police officer did not murder Floyd by kneeling for several minutes on his neck. Chauvin is serving a sentence of twenty years.

“In other words, George Floyd, according to the official autopsy, was not murdered. He died instead of what we used to call natural causes, which in his case would include decades of drug use, as well as the fatal concentration of fentanyl that was in his system on his final day. So this was not a killing, it was yet another narcotics OD in a country that records more than 100,000 of them every year. The medical examiner clearly understood that and, in fact, articulated it,” Tucker Carlson said.

Tucker discussed the testimony of Hennepin County Prosecutor Amy Sweasy, who claimed that an autopsy revealed no evidence of Floyd’s homicide.

According to Carlson, the 46-year-old died from narcotic use.

Sweasy stated in her deposition that Dr. Andrew Baker, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy on George Floyd, lied about the actual cause of death. He allegedly informed her that the results did not align with the narrative held by the general public.

“In other words, everyone lied about it from the very beginning. The people who knew the truth hid the truth and allowed the revolution to proceed,” Carlson said.

Tucker’s podcast provoked a strong reaction among conservative commentators.

“The Derek Chauvin case will go down as one of the greatest injustices in the history of the American court system,” Matt Walsh said.

“Derek Chauvin did not murder George Floyd,” Jack Posobiec claimed.

“The craziest part of the Derek Chauvin story is that it’s been confirmed prosecutors faced ‘extreme pressure’ to charge Chauvin. Several attorneys opposed charging the ‘other three” officers and withdrew from the case due to ‘professional and ethical rules.’ It was, in other words, a lynching,” journalist Pedro Gonzalez argued.

“Hennepin County’s medical examiner said there ‘were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation’ — in other words, Chauvin’s knee did nothing to kill George Floyd,” Charlie Kirk said at the end of a lengthy post.

“From the beginning, everything you were told in 2020 was a lie,” he added.