Tucker Releases Must-Watch Episode; See It Here

Tucker Releases Must-Watch Episode; See It Here - Immigration

A new episode of “Tucker on X” contains cutting insights on immigration from its eponymous host who said Democrats and nongovernmental organizations cheering on illegal immigration should be punished as criminals for encouraging chaos along America’s southern border.

“The result is a country, our country, changing faster than it ever has. But not through democratic means,” Tucker Carlson tells viewers. According to him, Democrats are perpetuating lawless bedlam “through waves of mass migration not a single American voted for.” The ultimate goal, he added, is “election-rigging” to ensure America becomes a “one-party state” ruled entirely by the Democratic Party.

Turning to conservative immigration journalist Todd Bensman, Carlson asked about the current state of illegal immigration in hotbeds like Piedras Negras, Mexico.

“These are going to be people from other than Mexico… really from all over the world. Middle Easterners, people from every country in Africa, and the numbers are absolutely stupendous. This migration crisis of the last 30 months broke every record in the national history books,” Bensman claimed.

Watch his full interview with Carlson here:

Since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, a flood of migrants have made their way to American shores, seeking refuge in sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York City, and Boston under the belief that the Democrat administration will be more lenient than that of former President Donald Trump. The belief has largely been vindicated as even Democrats like New York Mayor Eric Adams have sharply criticized Biden for fueling policies that he claimed are “destroying” his city.

As many as 400,000 migrants are illegally entering the U.S. every month, Bensman claimed, including through ports of entry and via planeloads at 43 different airports across the country.

“I think we have to operate under the assumption that none of these people are going back to their countries of origin. They will be supported by American taxpayers,” Carlson replied.

New so-called “legal pathways” are allowing hundreds of thousands access to immediate services, Bensman claimed, a designation that the Biden administration “just kind of came up with” as it sought to avoid deportation on a massive scale. While some of these designations are applicable to refugees from places like Afghanistan, others have been questioned by critics of the White House. These included hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans, for example.

“The whole calculus for the immigrants is, ‘If I lay $10,000 down in smuggling fees I want a return on investment,” Bensman said, “and that is entry and long-term stay.”

Asked by Carlson about the potential for terrorists to take advantage of the lax attitude toward border control, Bensman compared Hamas’s devastating attack on Israel with what could occur in the future on American soil.

“It’s not a huge leap to consider that somebody might come in here through a completely collapsed southern border and go into a shopping mall or do something else at some point,” he said.

Later in the segment, Carlson asked Dominik Tarczynski, a Polish member of the European Parliament, how his country is dealing with similar waves of migration crushing its border.

“We are not afraid to say no. Most of the spineless, leftist politicians in the European Parliament, in Brussels, they are afraid… Poland is completely different, I would say Poland is the last stronghold of normality, Christianity, family values in Europe,” Tarzynski said.