The New York Times Stripped of Its Verified Badge on X

The New York Times Stripped of Its Verified Badge on X  Elon Musk

The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, removed the gold “verified” badge from the New York Times following complaints from X owner Elon Musk.

The verified gold badge was the only thing distinguishing the New York Times from impostor accounts.

The badge was removed without notice on Tuesday.

As of Thursday afternoon, other accounts, including the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, CNN, Bloomberg, Vox, and other news organizations, still had their gold badges.

X Account, The Israel War Room, noted false reporting from NYT:

“Palestinian Health Ministry” = Hamas.

This @nytimes report turned out to be a total lie.

Islamic Jihad bombed the hospital in Gaza. Around 10-50 people, not 500, were killed.

Hamas terrorists aren’t a credible news source. Neither is The New York Times.”

As PJ Media reported:

The move comes amid criticism from the Newspaper of Record and other outlets leveled at Elon Musk for not censoring enough in the context of the brewing regional war in the Middle East.

“X has said it’s committed to policing its platform. Over the weekend, the company said that it was removing newly created Hamas-affiliated accounts, as well as monitoring for hateful or violent content,” wrote The New York Times.

“Still, it added that users also bore responsibility for avoiding disturbing material, including by tweaking their settings.”

The New York Times, along with the rest of the corporate state media, has long been among the worst purveyors of not just misinformation but also disinformation, the distinction being that the latter is intended to deceive.

The outlet’s COVID-19 lies, just to name one topic, are legendary.

The editors couldn’t have been more wrong if they had tried; they got it wrong on purpose in the service of the Public Health™ authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.

The same can be said of every war The Times has lied the public into and every Democrat scam it has papered over.

No entity deserves to lose its Gold Badge or whatever stupid social media credential de jour more than the NYT.

Judging by Elon’s past behavior, though, The Times will, unfortunately very probably have its Gold Badge back in a jiffy, following some threatening calls from various Deep State goons.