WEF Whistleblower Warns of Globalist Plan to Microchip Public

WEF Whistleblower Warns of Globalist Plan to Microchip Public

A former insider at the World Economic Forum (WEF) has blown the whistle to reveal that the globalist organization is planning to microchip the public.

German economist and former WEF ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’ turned whistleblower Richard Werner has warned that the global elite plan to coerce people to take implantable microchips by requiring them in order to access digital currencies, Universal Basic Income (UBI), and other services necessary to be part of society.

Werner urged caution on the emerging technologies during a discussion last year at the International Science Summit 2022, saying the WEF has purposely stopped short of showing people what a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) would look like because it will involve an under-the-skin implant about the size of a grain of rice.


“And that grain of rice is your entire wallet?” an interviewer asked Werner, to which he replied, “Yes, it’s your digital ID, your wallet, it can be your passport, your key.”

Werner highlighted RFID technologies featured on debit and credit cards that allow data to be transferred via a swipe are “conditioning” people to gradually accept “contactless” interactions as an everyday part of life.

“Now of course what we found with our debit cards or credit cards is they’ve already now moved to the system in RFID chips, RFID technology where you just wave the thing. Contactless,” Werner described.

“That is sort of conditioning us in this direction that in the future you’ll just wave your hand because you’ve got the microchip implant under your skin.”

“And each step there’s a rational reason,” he continued.

“It’s easier just to wave this, isn’t it?

“It’s much faster because we always have to wait in the queues as everyone types in their numbers and all that, to just wave it as quicker.”

“But the next rationalization would be, well, but you can lose your card, somebody can steal your card, and then you’re just waving, it’s kind of risky, well, wouldn’t it be nice if you couldn’t lose it, and nobody could steal it? You know.”

Werner says humans would naturally be inclined to reject such invasive technologies “because it is a violation of human dignity to actually inject something like that under the skin.”

However, he says globalists are prepared to use UBI to entice and persuade populations to receive the injections.

“The billionaire elites have so far not liked that,” Werner explains.

“But since 2015, they’ve all come out. I mean, all the big billionaires and World Economic Forum have come out, oh, this is a good idea, universal basic income.

“Well, why suddenly, now?

“Because now we have the technology for the microchip implant.”

The WEF member-turned-whistleblower went on to explain Covid-19 plays a role in the microchip scheme as it introduced the need for a digital ID, information which would also “conveniently” be stored on an implantable microchip.

Indeed, it appears nightmarish predictions of a giant surveillance panopticon, where every movement, purchase, heartbeat, and breath are closely monitored, are now approaching reality.

Will humanity rise up and reject the chip?