This is the Moment a Pro-Hamas Protester ‘Disrupted an Official Proceeding’

This is the Moment a Pro-Hamas Protester ‘Disrupted an Official Proceeding’  A Pro-Hamas protester interrupted a Senate hearing on Wednesday

A Pro-Hamas protester interrupted a Senate hearing on Wednesday, thereby disrupting an official proceeding.

Watch as the unseen woman shouted about “genocide in Gaza” and condemning the senators for “funding it” as Sen. James Risch (R-ID) calmly watched.

The senator waited for the woman to finish her tirade and then proceeded with his statement.

Also on Wednesday, anti-war protesters claiming to be with the group Jewish Voice for Peace stormed the Capitol Building on Wednesday, peacefully demanding that Israel cease its retaliatory assault on Gaza after a deadly surprise attack on its civilians was carried out two weeks ago.

The group disrupted the people’s business in the Cannon building while shouting about the war on Israel, which was launched by Hamas against Israel nearly two weeks ago.

“Massive Mideast protest in the Cannon House Office Building. Signs reading ‘Jews demand ceasefire’,” Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported.

“Now a big demonstration outside the Cannon House Office Building in addition to demonstrators taking over the lower Rotunda of the Cannon Building,” he continued.

“The House Sergeant at Arms put out a memo instructing people to be aware of demonstrations on Capitol Hill today,” he added. “There is a massive, small fence surrounding the Capitol itself. But this is across the street in Cannon.”

“USCP are starting to arrest demonstrators now inside,” he updated. “This will take awhile. There are too many demonstrators for the police to handle quickly. The protest is peaceful but very, very loud.”

This was the scene earlier in the day.

Another view:

Arrests were made.

The Pro-Hamas demonstration contrasts with that of the January 6 riots, when many protesters were shown on video to be peacefully parading around the Capitol building without a permit, some of them after being let in by Capitol police officers, but nonetheless were given lengthy prison sentences.

“This is currently the scene in the Cannon House Office building, which has been taken over by pro-Hamas demonstrators,” Greg Price remarked on X. “I’ve been reliably informed that storming a government building means pre-trial solitary confinement for at least a year,” he quipped.

According to the U.S. Secret Service, a total of over 30 Pro-Hamas demonstrators were apprehended during a demonstration held in close proximity to the White House on Monday.

The demonstrators fervently urged President Biden to take decisive action in order to bring a stop to the ongoing war.

Interestingly, Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman (NY) in late September also disrupted an official proceeding when he pulled a fire alarm in the Cannon Building, forcing an evacuation as Democrats tried to buy more time to read a new Continuing Resolution.

The only question now: Who is being imprisoned for “parading without a permit” and “disrupting an official proceeding,” as was the sentence for numerous peaceful J6 protesters?