Emergency Alert and Nuclear Attack Exercise Set to Occur within Days of Each Other

Emergency Alert and Nuclear Attack Exercise Set to Occur within Days of Each Other

A nuclear attack exercise and a nationwide emergency alert will be conducted within just days of each other this week, according to reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will conduct a nuclear attack exercise on Tuesday.

As The Daily Star reportedthe one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only been done region by region up to this point, is set to expect a 70% destruction tally of Russian homes and integral life support systems. The scenario assumes martial law would be taken in the event of an attack.

A test scenario document has since been leaked, warning the Russian Federation is expecting “hazards” from “increasing” worries over nuclear escalation.

Their tests are set to figure out how “complete destruction” would affect the country.

The report read:

“In some constituent entities [regions] of the Russian Federation, as a result of emergencies or other types of physical impact, complete destruction of life support facilities and up to 70% of the housing stock is possible.”

Regional officials would be given the power to organize “emergency rescue teams” while being given a say in protection against radioactive materials. It is also believed they will hold power over food and medical supplies, according to the Metro.

The report continued:

“The risk of armed conflicts escalating into local and regional wars, including those involving nuclear powers, is increasing.”

“The threat to the safety of the population is posed by the risk of the use by a possible by the enemy of modern long-range means of defeat, as well as possible attacks using unmanned aerial and watercraft.”

Meanwhile, in the US, FEMA announced it would conduct a test of the nation’s Emergency Alert System on Wednesday, just a day after Putin’s nuclear attack excerise.

Putin’s exercise will simulate a nuclear attack coming from the West.

However, some Russian officials have called for Putin to resume nuclear weapons testing.

Mikhail Kovalchuk, president of the Kurchatov Institute, a Soviet-era nuclear research and development institution, called for a test similar to the 1961 Tsar Bomba, the most powerful thermonuclear detonation in the world’s history.

On Tuesday, FEMA posted on X a reminder of the upcoming EAS test.

“IMPORTANT: On Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 2:20 p.m. ET, there will be a nationwide emergency alert test on cell phones, wireless devices, radios, and TVs,’ Fema wrote.

“This is a standard test that occurs at least once every three years. No action is needed,” FEMA wrote.

The news of the back to back nuclear attack exercise and emergency alert comes amid a tense climate between Russia and the US.

USA Today published a reminder of the test and what can be expected.

The reminder began with, “Get ready not to freak out.”

The outlet went on to assure its reader that the test is “not a national conspiracy to infect people with nanoparticles.”

Meanwhile, videos have been circulating online, warning that the test will harm them.