We’ve mentioned multiple times on this website that Thai women are very easy to have sex with.  In fact, if you didn’t have sex on the first night, it’s probably because you were too lazy or allowed her to fall asleep on your bed before the fun started.

Which is why I always play a fun little game of making sure all Thai women know that my bed is the “naked bed”, no clothing allowed.

Anyways, I digress….

Yes, Thai women are easy.  But is this only for the single women of Thailand?  What about those who have boyfriends living overseas or living in Thailand, do they cheat just as often?

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
As one reader so elegantly put it, “I love Thai women…I just don’t trust them.”  And this is absolutely the attitude you need to have.

If you live with your Thai girlfriend and see her every day, she’ll be faithful to you.  In fact, she won’t ever want to leave your side.  (Thai women are the clingiest women in the world.)

However, the problems begin when you are no longer living in Thailand.  When you go back to visit family for a couple weeks or when your vacation ends and you must return to your old boring 9 – 5 life.

This is when your girl will stray.

Basically, Thai women cheat for two reasons:

1- They Are Lonely

2- Looking To Upgrade

– – – – – – – – –

1- She Is Lonely:
Thai women HATE to be alone.  They want to be around someone 24/7 and have fun.  Even when you’re back in your home country, she will call you multiple times a day and Skype with you every night.  But eventually, that won’t be enough.  Her friends will invite her out to party and she’ll tell you some lie why she won’t be home tonight, and go party.  (Or she will be “asleep” when you call.)

She will get drunk, she will meet a guy, she will fuck him, and the next day she will continue to tell you how much she misses and loves you.

Trust us, we know.  We are normally the guys fucking her while you are gone…if she is hot enough.  In fact, I’ve sat through so many Skype conversations listening to “good girls” tell their boyfriends how much she misses him, only to have her jump on my cock 5 minutes later.

2- Looking to Upgrade:
Thai women want their man to be in Thailand, plain and simple.  She will seek a guy that will be in Thailand -OR- depending on the girl, someone that will take better care of her…aka…give more money.

If fact, she won’t even have to be doing the seeking.  If she is attractive, she will be approached daily by Thai and foreign men alike.  Only one of them has to be able to get her phone number.  And once you have her phone number, the deal is all but done.

– – – – – – – – – –

Thai women are amazing, but they simply can’t be trusted to be faithful when you are not around.  The hotter she is, the less she can be trusted.

This shouldn’t bitter your opinion of the women in Thailand, this should only make you more aware of what’s really going on.  Enjoy them while you are in Thailand, and enjoy talking with them when you are away from Thailand.  But be realistic about what is really happening.

She will take great care of you while you are in Thailand, but when are not, she will find another.