“My wife is interested in getting some cosmetic surgery in Bangkok. What advice can you give?”

Bangkok has quickly become one of the biggest cosmetic surgery destinations in the world. Just about every procedure you can think of can be found on the to-do lists at its clinics. Whether you are looking for a major change such as gender reassignment surgery or a simple skin treatment, Bangkok has it all. The plastic surgeons here can offer expert care during breast implantation surgeries, lip plumping, hair transplants, you name it.

You can trust that your privacy will be protected, but it essential that you do your research and shop around. Be sure and find a physician that you trust. There are a lot to choose from! Bangkok’s plastic surgery boom dates back about two decades, in line with its rise in the rest of the world. Today, those who can afford it flock to doctors who will change their looks. The group of those who can pay for these surgeries is growing, and the price for many has come down a great deal in recent years. Even better, procedures and technologies are increasingly safe and effective.

Insecurities about physical flaws, real or imagined, have always existed, but in a world where we are constantly show ideal beauty and perfection, they seem to arise more frequently. Since we now have the technology to make these changes, it is no wonder that plastic surgery has become so popular.

Medical tourism has grown enormously in Thailand. This is especially true for cosmetic surgery tourism – people come here from all over the world to have their procedures done. Prices are a big part of the attractions. Procedures here typically cost less than in other countries, particularly those in the West. In addition, Thailand has become well-known for its surgeons’ expertise in gender reassignment surgeries.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, Bangkok’s ever-growing number of cosmetic physicians and clinics may be right for you.

It is important that you are familiar with the surgeon who will be performing your procedure. Find out what their past experience level is. If you can, find some photographs of previous patients online. If the establishment makes you uncomfortable or you find that the doctors or staff members are evasive or unfriendly, understand the implications of this behavior. Think twice before establishing a connection with anyone who will not answer your questions or disregards your concerns.

In short, check around at the different options for cosmetic surgery locations in Bangkok. Whether you choose a clinic or a hospital, be sure that you feel comfortable with your doctor and the establishment.