How Thai wedding scammer used sex to con 13 ‘husbands’


Thai Rath has listed the misdemeanors and tactics of the lying Thai woman who is the talk of Thailand this week.

How Thai wedding scammer used sex to con 13 ‘husbands’
How Porn ripped off so many men! Thai Rath list the ways including sex!

Many will be familiar to men not just in the kingdom but the world over. For example she was quick to allow men to have sex with her – then claimed pregnancy.

She also used fake names and claimed police connections after very brief conversations on Facebook.

The media listed 15 activities and results of the now infamous – yet still unapprehended – Jariyaporn Buayai whose nickname is Porn, that means “blessings” in Thai.

Earlier in the week top lawyer Songkan Atchariyasap went to the cops on behalf of all the victims of her fraud to make their complaints public.

Yesterday Thai Rath screamed “How could she do this – using love to fool men?” in their headline.

Then they listed the ways…..

Step 1: She used Facebook using the false names of Soiphet, Phaleewan or Nammon.

2. She sweet talked them using her “feminine charms” to convince each victim.

3. She invited them to invest in the fruit business especially dragon fruit orchards. This was the first mention of money and seemed to indicate a profit for the gullible men would be forthcoming.

4. She had sex with the men.

5. She told them she was pregnant.

6. In as little as two weeks on Facebook men agreed to marry her. She sped them up by saying it would be auspicious to get it over and done with before the end of the month.

7. She rented a house in Pathum Thani to con the victims.

8. One of a victim’s sisters said she was concerned that the house was so empty, but even that alarm bell failed to stop the wedding.

9. After the wedding was over Porn left immediately or within a few days. She had control over all the dowry and other money.

10. Two people who said they were her mum and dad were the only ones at the ceremony. Porn said they were respectable civil servants.

11. She said she had an elder brother on the police force. This served to intimidate some victims.

12. Porn was a former civil servant in Loei province. There she forged signatures of high ranking officials to rip off people for 100,000 – 150,000 a time to get into the civil service.

13. Pathum Thani police are aware of a warrant out for Fraud for Porn in Chumporn.

14. She conned 13 men in total.

15. Losses of those 13 are expected to run into 3 million baht. Source: Thai Rath

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