Thailand really is a goldmine for online dating because so many Thai girls want to meet a foreign man. They also love “playing” on dating sites and Facebook.

The abundance of female choices doesn’t mean that it’s “super” easy to get laid. Because you still have to weed through the scammers and deal with the amount of guys on these sites as your competition competition. This article is about giving you a couple of tips that will give you the best results for the least of amount of time input.

1. Beware of money requests

If you know anything about our website, this one is obvious. Many girls online will come to you with a sob story about a sick mother/son/buffalo etc. who now need financial help to pay the medical bills.

You might laugh and think that nobody could be so foolish to fall for these lies from a girl you have never even met in person, but loneliness and the promise of love and companionship from a sweet Thai woman will do funny things to a man’s brain.

2. Get started early (but not too early)

Online dating has a “lag time” from when you join the site and start messaging girls to when you start getting interest and phone numbers.

For this reason, if you start contact the girls on Thai Cupid an hour after the plane lands, it might take a couple of days for the first girl to come through and agree to meet up with you. This is no good if you are only in town for a few days.

Because of this lag time, I recommend you start messaging girls 2-4 weeks before your destination date. That will give you enough time to build rapport with her so that she will be comfortable meeting up with you the day you arrive.

Keep these two fundamental tips to online dating in Thailand in mind and you will soon have a phone book full of beautiful Thai girls wanting to meet you. Seriously, it really is that easy.

3- Join Thai Cupid and Free Thai Friendly

These are the two best dating websites in Thailand. Don’t waste money at clubs hoping that you may talk to a girl or two. Be smart and efficient by meeting Thai girls online and have them excited to meet you even before you arrive.

Free Thai Friendly and ThaiCupid are gold mines for meeting some very attractive Thai girls online.

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