Recently someone pointed out that this website has A LOT of great information for meeting Thai girls during the evening, but has very little information about during the day. Having never noticed this before, here is some of my favorite strategies for picking up Thai girls during the day.

My 6 strategies of meeting Hot Thai Girls during the day:
6- Massage Girls
5- Shopping Malls
4- The Beach
3- Your Hotel
2- Other Hotel Girls
1- Health and Yoga Resorts

6- Massage Girls:

The most obvious and easiest first.

There are A LOT of attractive massage girls in Thailand. Some work in the more “dirty” places while others work in the legitimate establishments. When I’m feeling especially lazy but want to meet new girls, massage girls are where I will begin.

Simply walk down one of the many massage streets in Thailand and choose the most attractive one you see. Then you will have one hour with you and her alone. In the classier establishments where no “happy ending” is available, flirt with the girl and get her phone number.

In the more “dirty” places, have fun, make a few jokes, get a 300 baht happy ending, exchange phone numbers, and set up a date where you pick up after work. (This will work about 50% of the time.) 

5- Shopping Malls

The shopping malls in Thailand are huge, some are even 10 stories tall. And in these huge malls, you have hundreds of attractive Thai girls who are very bored.

Go shopping and talk to some girls. If she is talking to you longer than a minute or two, she is into you. Get the phone number, find out when she is off work, and set up a time to call.

4- The Beach

If you are on an island or near the coast, you can never go wrong with the beach. There are plenty of women at every beach in Thailand, some Thai and some foreign.

For foreign women, simply ask, “Where are you guys from?”

For Thai women, pretend you are kind of lost and ask where a restaurant or hotel is. If she responds in English and is helpful, ask about what there is to do for fun around the area. Then to thank her for her kindness, offer to buy her a drink either now or later that night.

3- Your Hotel

Most of my very attractive “good girls” in Thailand who speak English work in hotels. Hotels are an untapped resource that men always seem to overlook in Thailand.

First off, you never want to have sex with someone who works at the hotel where you are currently staying. This causes too much drama when you bring home a different girl.

However, you can make friends with the staff and ask if they have cute friends. If so, offer to take them all out as friends later that night.

2- Other Hotel Girls

Lately, I have been experimenting with this strategy to great success. It’s really quite simple, the more expensive hotels tend to have the hottest girls working there.

Once a week, go hotel hunting. Get a list of the best hotels in the area and go take a look (think Four Seasons). When you walk in, start a friendly conversation with the staff and let them know you have family coming to visit Thailand next month and want to find a good hotel.

If a guy shows you around, make a friend and ask about the other employees. At the very least, get a few recommendations for the nightlife.

1- Health and Yoga Resorts

Thailand is quickly becoming known for having high quality Health and Yoga Resorts. I’ll tell you, I don’t do Yoga. However, thanks to my hippy friend from years ago, I can talk about raw chocolate and organic food with the best of them.

Which comes in very handy, because these Yoga and Health resorts have some VERY HOT women working there. Have them show you around, ask a few questions, and maybe even have a healthy lunch.

Special Note: To this day, the best sex of my life was with a Thai Yoga instructor.

So there you have it gentlemen. Some of my best tips for picking up good girls in Thailand during the daytime. If you have your own strategies, feel free to share them in the comment section.