Good girls are everywhere in Thailand.  If you read somewhere that there are only hookers in Thailand, whoever wrote that doesn’t know shit.

Thailand has something for everything.  If you like meaningless sex with kinky hookers, Thailand has you covered.  If you meaningless sex with “good girls”, Thailand also has you covered.

If you want a real relationship with a girl who has her own job, her own apartment, and her own car – Thailand can easily provide that as well.

Just saying there are good girls in Thailand isn’t enough because it can be so easy to get stuck in the hooker traps where good girls don’t go.

So the below list will be enough to point you in the right direction:

1- Hotel Girls

I’ve written about this strategy before.  There are MANY beautiful good girls that work in the hotel industry (and they tend to speak English very well).  That is one of the reasons that when I travel inside Thailand, I move to a different hotel every two days.  This is the easiest way to meet girls without any effort on your part.

And if you want to kick this up a notch, just spend a couple hours personally looking at some of the nicer 4 and 5 star hotels in your area of Thailand.  Flirt with the cute reception girls and get their phone number.

2- Shopping Malls

I think this is true just about anywhere in the world.  Shopping malls always has beautiful women.  If you don’t like approaching girls who are shopping, starting talking with any of the hundred+ women who are bored as hell at work.

3- BTS (Train in Bangkok)

I lost one of my “backup girls” this way.  She was hot as hell and waiting for the train.  Some foreigner struck up a conversation, got her phone number, and fucked her when I was in Brazil.  Two years later, they are still together and are as happy as can be.  Since then, I’ve used this strategy to great success.

4- Restaurants

When I’m in Thailand, I eat out at least twice a day.  Walk around and eat the restaurants with the cutest staff.  Smile, be friendly, and ask for her number before you leave.

5- Nightclubs

Good girls go to nightclubs, but often not the hooker places that attracts many foreigners.  Browse our website to find the best nightclubs to meet good girls in Thailand.

6- Yoga / Health Resorts

Yoga is getting very popular in Thailand.  And as always, yoga attracts beautiful women who always know how to fuck amazingly well.  I don’t personally do yoga, but I have no problems stopping by a health resort for a nice lunch and the chance to meet the staff and clientele.

7- Online

The lazy man’s answer, but an effective answer at that.  Join ThaiFriendly or Thai Cupid browse thousands of girls.