Thai Women: Navigate the Pathways of Love


If you’d love to find a Thai woman for dating and marrying, well, you’re not alone—over the years, thousands upon thousands of men from around the globe have discovered the attractions and delights of Thai women. In fact, there are numerous examples of successful relationships and marriages between foreign men and Thai women both in Thailand and overseas… read on to know more.

We know it’s not easy looking for or finding true love on the internet, especially when you are looking for a real, Thai beauty, so are offering a new, reliable way to find, date and, hopefully, marry your Thai woman.

Whilst there are countless websites listing Thai women for dating or marriage on the internet, many of them are unreliable, only looking to collect subscription fees, or offering fake profiles, or maybe simply not delivering on their promises. With our vast experience of all things Thai, we are different and can offer articles and advice written by people who DO know about such things; we can offer insights and comments to really help you get on your way!

Meeting Thai Women

Many foreign men are inherently shy when they start to think about how best to meet Thai women.

Maybe it’s because they are not sure how to interact with another culture or maybe it’s because they have been out of the “dating game” so long. A third possibility is that there are so many beautiful Thai women around that one is almost spoilt for choice. Just how do you pick a nice Thai lady to try to meet?

Yet, meeting Thai women is not that difficult, whether it be through an internet website or even face to face. In any event, Thai women are generally friendly and happy to talk with foreign men so there’s no need to worry or be concerned as there will be little chance of outright rejection!

Getting to Know Thai Women

Getting to Know Thai Women
Thai Women: Getting to Know Them

Of course, once you have actually “taken the plunge” and decided you really do want to date Thai women, you’ll need to work out the most appropriate way to meet the women who may well become your life partner or wife.

In modern times, internet dating is by far the most popular way given its obvious advantages such as:

• being able to study the prospective Thai girlfriend’s background from the data she has provided
• being sure that she is also looking for a partner and is not already in a relationship
• or being able to communicate with and get to know your Thai lady when you are still in your home country without having all the issues associated with travelling to meet a Thai woman, only you find that you are not, in fact, compatible.

It also goes without saying that before you start to date Thai girls it’s well worth doing some relevant background research on Thai culture and traditions.

Marrying a Thai Woman

Committing to any marriage anywhere in the world is a big decision. Prudence always dictates that if you are contemplating taking a Thai wife you should think about it as deeply as you would do if you were marrying in your home country.

Marrying a Thai Woman
Getting Married to a Thai Woman

Yet, for some reason, in many cases when foreign men decide to marry a Thai woman they base their decision on emotional factors and often on the basis of a relatively short term relationship, rather than really thinking through the consequences.

If you want to be with your Thai wife for the long term, it’s wise to carefully check out key factors such as:

• her motivation for marriage
• her educational and career background
• plus your joint overall, likely compatibility;
• also consider the practicalities of major differences in age as it’s all well and good now, but 10 or 15 years down the line…

Thai Women: Their Families and Thai Weddings

Thai Women: Their Families and Thai Weddings
Thai Wedding

So, you’ve been with your Thai woman for long enough to know she is “the one” and, one day you “pop” the question of marriage. On the assumption that your Thai woman is agreeable to your proposal, the next big hurdle is to go and meet the women’s Thai family. Now, whilst your bride-to-be might be independent in her thinking and even career choice, she will need the approval, explicit or tacit, from her family to marry anyone—especially a foreigner.

Perhaps not as nerve wracking as you might expect, but to go and meet the Thai family and obtain such approval is a must. All the details of your Thai wedding can be carefully planned and arranged once this is done and you can begin to look forward to a happy life together!

Remember, we are here to help. We have “been there, done that” and are happy to offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in your search for that Thai woman you’d like to be with for the long term: