Thai Girls: Why Do So Many Foreigners Want to Date Them


If you want to meet Thai girls, the best ways largely depend upon your own personal circumstances.

For example, if you are lucky enough to actually be living in Thailand, then meeting a beautiful Thai girl will, obviously, be that much easier than if you are still in your home country. Having said this, these days, with most major overseas countries having largish populations of Thai girls, don’t despair, as it’s still possible to meet a Thai beauty in Sydney, London, Dusseldorf or Oslo.

Of course, another very popular option to meet a Thai girl is via one of the many dedicate internet Thai dating sites.

#1 Some key attractions of Thai girls

It’s probably fair to say that the number of Thai girls marrying foreign men is amongst the highest between all Asian women marrying foreigners.

Apart from their innate natural, beauty, women in Thailand have intangible qualities such as approachability and friendliness. Maybe in part due to their Buddhist upbringing they, typically, place a far greater weight on a man’s character and caring abilities than on his physical appearance or other superficial qualities.

#2 So how do you meet Thai girls?

Let’s assume you are already in Thailand, either working or on holiday, then, on a daily basis, you’ll be interacting with attractive Thai girls. Unlike in the “West” where many foreign men find it difficult to start up a conversation with local women, or where sometimes a well meant compliment is taken the wrong way, in Thailand generally, Thai girls are more than happy to converse with foreign men (their English level permitting!).

A genuinely meant compliment is almost certain to be well received by a Thai girl, whether it be simply that the Thai lady in question looks good, or her dress is nice or hair beautiful and so on.

So how do you meet Thai girls?
How to Meet Thai girls

Not that you can go around trying to start conversations with anyone, anywhere! However, in an office or business environment, or maybe within a circle of friends you have come to know, or at the local fitness centre, the chances of starting up a conversation, and subsequently a relationship with a Thai girls are much higher than anywhere in your home country. By and large, many Thai girls are keen to have a foreign boyfriend or husband—as clearly evidenced by the numbers of such arrangements.

#3 Thai Girls in Your Home Country or on Internet Dating Sites

Thai Girls in Your Home Country or on Internet Dating Sites
Thai Online Dating

Meeting Thai girls in your home country is, of course, much more of a challenge with fewer numbers of such women but also, importantly, the fact that many Thai girls already living overseas may well have foreign men as partners or be working on contract in relatively menial positions.

Still, it’s not impossible to meet Thai girls in Australia or the US, especially as the size of the Thai communities in such countries continues to grow.

Then, perhaps, the most favoured way to meet Thai girls these days is through internet dating. Numerous websites abound with listings of scores of beautiful Thai girls looking for their ideal marriage partners from a foreign country. This method of meeting Thai girls is favoured by most foreign men living overseas as it gives them the opportunity to seek their “ideals” before ever having to meet the Thai girl in question plus, of course, provides the opportunity to chat at length on line via Skype or Line to find out all there is to know about their potential partners whilst in the comfort of their home country

Whichever way you choose, you are sure to meet beautiful Thai girls—and isn’t that the objective?