5 Best soapy massage in Pattaya

5 Best soapy massage in Pattaya

As of date there are around 5-6 Soapy’s in Town.

Sabai Dee massage is probably the best place in Pattaya to get a soapy massage.

So whats the deal @ a soapy Massage ?

First off all, you can choose the girl(s) you like, on a very relaxing way, the girls sit at a ‘stage’ and you just have a look around. Once you find your ‘gem’ ask the waiter for her to show you a room….

Room wise, first she will shower with you, to get rid of the heat & sweat of the day, then proceed on an inflatable mattress with water and soap, hence the name soapy. The soapy’s are great, they move their body onto your body in all really relaxing ways.

After the first soapy massage session, you can move to the bed for further action. This has to be agreed upon, or when you entered the massage complex, not all complexes have the same rules.

A 60 to 90 minute session will cost you 1000-2500 baht. The price is depending on the place if it has no  bed action included in the entry price you can probably get a nice soapy at below 1000 Baht. If any bed-action included you will set back 1700-2500 Baht,  but some massage parlors also have a VIP area where the models are in a higher range.


Heaven Body Massage

Location/ Area: On Sukhumvit Road, corner of Soi 60   Open: 12:00 pm. – 1:00 am

Honey Body Massage

Location/ Area: Soi Honey (Soi 11)   Open: 02:00 pm. – 12:00  am

PP Body Massage

Location/ Area: On a side street of Soi Buakhao, Soi Chalarmprakiat 21   Open: 2:00 pm. -12:00  am

Sabai Dee Body Massage

Location/ Area: Pattaya Second Road, on the corner of Soi 2   Open: 01:00 pm. – 12:00 am

Honey Body Massage 2

Location/ Area: Second Road, Opposit Central Center Shoppingmall   Open: 01:00 pm. –12:00 am

Sabai Room Body Massage

Location/ Area: Secondroad, opposite Soi 3   Open: 01:00 pm. – 02:00 am

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