Report: WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ to Be Negotiated in Secret, Threatening Sovereignty

Report: WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ to Be Negotiated in Secret, Threatening Sovereignty

Concerns arise over the WHO’s proposed treaty potentially undermining national sovereignty through secret negotiations.

Global elites are reportedly planning to negotiate the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Pandemic Treaty” in secret, raising fears about the potential loss of national sovereignty. Critics warn that despite claims of a “watered down” treaty, the WHO aims to reintroduce provisions granting it significant control over pandemic responses, including lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine passports.

Amid significant public backlash, concerns have intensified about the treaty’s implications. The original proposal would have given the WHO authority to mandate health measures during pandemics, a prospect seen as a threat to national autonomy. If ratified by the U.S., it would grant foreign bureaucrats extensive power over American citizens.

Recent reports suggest the WHO plans to use back-room negotiations to reinsert controversial language into the treaty. Should these efforts fail, there are indications that the WHO may leverage its annual “Convention of Parties” to amend the treaty, incorporating broad and stringent policies.

Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, a leading expert on pandemic responses and critic of globalist agendas, has been vocal about exposing the connections between these elites and Big Pharma. He continues to advocate against what he describes as a covert attempt to centralize pandemic control under the WHO.

For more insights, watch the full video featuring Dr. Risch here.