NFL Legend Antonio Brown Endorses Trump For POTUS: ‘I’ve Seen Biden Sh*t Himself’

NFL Legend Antonio Brown Endorses Trump For POTUS: ‘I’ve Seen Biden Sh*t Himself’

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has endorsed “cool guy” Donald Trump for president, while slamming Biden as a feeble and weak leader who “falls over, sh*ts on himself, and has teleprompters everywhere.”

Appearing on a recent episode of ‘Fearless with Jason Whitlock,’ the football star said the world was a more peaceful place under President Trump and he thinks the time has come for a strong leader to step in and correct the mistakes made by Biden.

“I want the world to be a better place. I feel like I probably could do better with Trump helping more businesses and coming back and taking over in 2024,” Brown said.

Asked where he is at on the political spectrum, Brown said: “I like Donald Trump. I’ve seen Joe Biden online. He was shitting on himself and falling all over. I’m like, ‘Yo, what’s going on with him?’ He’s got teleprompters everywhere.”

Whitlock pressed further, asking, “So you think Biden pooped his pants in that other video?”

Brown replied, “That’s what the video shows; he was looking real shitty. I know we all make mistakes. I mean, you shit yourself before, right?”

Whitlock laughed and admitted, “Actually, I have, but go ahead.”

Whitlock was talking about a particular video of Biden that had been circulating on social media. The video showed Joe Biden standing awkwardly, leading to edited versions where it appeared he had pooped himself.

Brown continued, saying, “I just feel like the country, we need to do a better job, you know what I’m saying? With everything that’s been going on, the pandemic, the shots, everything.”

When asked if he had ever met Trump, Brown revealed, “I met him on the phone before. Talked to him on the phone with Tom Brady one time. Yeah, he seemed like a cool guy.”

“You think Brady likes Trump but just can’t admit it?” Whitlock asked.

“Yeah, he probably definitely likes the candidate. I can, though. Shout out to Donald Trump,” Brown said. “On the President’s election… I might be coming to one of his inauguration… I may be coming to one of the speeches.”

Whitlock suggested they head down to Mar-a-Lago to “kick it” together. Brown responded enthusiastically, “Let’s go, man. We’ll be the n***** of the day for that. That’d be a good segment for us, man.”