Japanese Medical Professor Warns The World About Dangerous ‘Self Replication Replicon’ Jabs

Japanese Medical Professor Warns The World About Dangerous ‘Self Replication Replicon’ Jabs  Japanese Medical Professor Masayasu Inoue  vaccine
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Renowned Japanese Medical Professor Masayasu Inoue has warned against taking a new type of Japanese made mRNA ‘vaccine’ which is due to be ready later this year.

The eminent Professor from Osaka City University Medical School in Japan issued the warning recently saying that the Japanese government had became the first in the world to approve the ‘Self Replication Replicon’ jab.

He warns that “There is high risk that Japan made vaccines will be exported under the guise for false trust. If Japan were to become a vaccine perpetrator, it would leave irreparable harm to future generations. Therefore, the actions of Japanese government MUST BE STOPPED by international collaborations.”

He says that the jab it is being rushed to market with the goal to have it ready by this fall or winter.

And this comes despite the damage caused by the first mRNA vaccine during the so called COVID-19 pandemic.

TGP reports: In the video below, the professor, who specializes in molecular pathology, condemns the COVID “pandemic” as propagated by the U.N. World Health Organization, for the purpose of driving genetically modifying COVID jabs into the bodies of all peoples worldwide.

He also condemned the U.S. “Warp Speed” project under then-President Donald Trump, which rushed mRNA toxic injections to market that were used to cover up problems with the gene-based shots.

The false pretext of Warp Speed was “saving time.” The professor then states that the Japanese government’s rush to market of its new injection will be similar and must be avoided at all costs.

We are seeing deception magnified in the world today like perhaps never before. Jesus warned this would be the case in Matthew 24 of the New Testament.

It’s not often such a prominent scientist goes public with a warning of this magnitude. Please share this important 8-minute video with all your loved ones.