Outraged Parents Uncover Taylor Swift’s Disturbing ‘Dark Messaging’ in Lyrics

Outraged Parents Uncover Taylor Swift’s Disturbing ‘Dark Messaging’ in Lyrics

A group of concerned mothers have sounded the alarm after discovering dark messages in Taylor Swift’s lyrics on her latest hit album.

The moms highlighted the mature themes on Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which has seven explicit songs that carry warning labels.

Parents are now asking why the album’s extreme content is being used to target Swift’s young fans.

“I feel bad for all the Taylor Tots because most parents are not going to deem this album appropriate,” Swiftie Crystal Barkley wrote on the Taylor Swift‘s Vault Facebook group.

Her comment ignited a huge debate, with more than 1,000 comments as fans’ mothers jumped in to agree that the album is problematic.

“This album is definitely NOT suitable for kids,” commenter Tana Hancock wrote.

Mother Casey McDonald Smith said the album has dark themes.

“I’m OK with the curse words, but there’s a lot of self-harm, violence, and death talk I’m not feeling comfy with at this second,” Smith wrote.

Another mom said she intended to study the lyrics before letting her 9-year-old daughter listen to the album.

Another mom, Kilee Herlin, exclaimed:

“I have been debating this myself. Not because of swears but just because of the deep, mature feelings. It’s definitely got some darkness.”

“I don’t think her lyrics are for kids anymore as well. And that’s OK. Let the kids listen to her older stuff then when they are 21, give them the rest and let them figure it out,” fan Trayce Chambers agreed.

However, others noted that Swift has produced a cleaned-up version of the album more suitable for younger fans.

“She is writing about adult stuff … However there is a non-explicit version so if you’re worried about the language itself that shouldn’t be an issue,” Anna Wells noted.

Fan Kaitlyn Baumgardner wrote:

“Taylor is a grown adult. She’s going to write about adult s***.”

“Taylor isn’t for the little girls anymore, she grew up and so did we,” Emily LaCroix wrote, adding, “And we’re here for it.”

It’s easy to see why the moms are concerned, as Swift is the most popular singer in music today with a vast influence on millions of young kids.