One of the U.K.’s largest retailers is now selling COVID-19 vaccines to CHILDREN as young as 12

One of the U.K.’s largest retailers is now selling COVID-19 vaccines to CHILDREN as young as 12

Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are now available as major retailer and pharmacy Boots became the first to start a private vaccination service in the United Kingdom.

The single-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine will be provided at 52 stores starting April 1 for anyone aged 12 years or over, at £98.95 ($125). This is the first time that COVID-19 vaccines have been made available for procurement outside of the state-controlled National Health Service (NHS) since the U.K. began its mass vaccination program in December 2020 at the peak of the pandemic.

From that time, eligibility has been strictly determined by scientific advisers – with NHS booster vaccines restricted to those at high risk, including over 65-year-olds or patients with weakened immune systems because of conditions like cancer.

Boots will provide the private vaccine to those aged 12 years old and above who do not meet the NHS criteria for a free booster. This means healthy adults will be able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for the first time since the official NHS program concluded in 2021.

Although healthier young adults are extremely unlikely to develop serious COVID-19, Boots and the NHS claim the COVID-19 vaccine can still protect them from the troublesome symptoms of the virus, including cough, fever and sore throat.

“We are launching a private COVID-19 vaccination service for people who are not eligible for an NHS vaccination but still want the option to protect themselves from the virus,” said a Boots spokesperson.

“Our private service builds on our existing delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations for the NHS and we are pleased we can now offer COVID-19 vaccinations both on behalf of the NHS and privately, as we have done with flu vaccinations for many years.” (Related: BAD MEDICINE: UK gov’t confirms 92% of COVID-19 deaths in 2022 were among the VAXXED.)

Children 12 and older may be able to purchase a COVID-19 vaccine even without their parents’ consent, as Boots’ booking website does not have any sign indicating that parental consent is required.

Britain looking to fully privatize rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

Experts have long called for COVID-19 vaccines to be sold privately, ever since the immediate threat of the virus started to fade.

Vaccines for the virus are now restricted to at-risk Britons, such as care home residents, over 65-year-olds and frontline NHS workers who are more at-risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus.

Experts said providing COVID-19 vaccines privately just like what occurs with the flu every winter is an easy decision to allow access to the vaccine to be expanded at little to no cost to British taxpayers.

This proposal is being backed by the British government, with one member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization stating that it is a “good idea.”

Individual Boots stores are already issuing appointments for vaccinations. The 100 pound price tag allows the company to cover the cost of the vaccine and other operational costs related to providing the “service.”

Boots is not the only one to begin providing COVID-19 vaccines. Back in February, clinical service provider Pharmadoctor, which works with more than 8,000 pharmacies across the U.K., declared it would be providing privately-procured COVID-19 vaccines from April 1 for as little as £45 ($57).

Watch the video below about the adverse effects of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine being hidden online.