YouTube DELETES Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Speech: ‘Violates Hate Speech Policy’


Meanwhile, the historic speech at CPAC Hungary has already garnered over 50 million views on 𝕏 alone.

Google-owned YouTube removed a speech by Dutch lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek calling on Europeans to take a stand against the globalist Great Replacement migration agenda, characterizing it as “hate speech.”

“Our team has reviewed your content and finds that it violates our hate speech policy. We have removed the following content from YouTube: ‘The Great Replacement is not a theory – it’s reality,’” the platform said in a statement which Vlardingerbroek shared on X.

Vlaardingerbroek’s CPAC Hungary 2024 speech has garnered 50 million views on the X platform alone, underscoring the widespread public concern over the Great Replacement agenda.

In her speech, Vlaardingerbroek outlined the mass migration policies Western leaders have imposed in spite of their deep unpopularity among native populations.

“Everyone who has eyes can see it. The native white Christian European population is being replaced at an ever-accelerating rate,” she said.

“So, I’m going to draw the forbidden conclusion here. The Great Replacement Theory is no longer a theory. It’s reality.”

She continued:

And what’s interesting about replacement is that the establishment will either deny its existence or, when they admit to it, they say that it’s a good thing that the native European population is soon no longer a majority on its own continent. Dutch national disgrace and dubbed climate pope, Frans Timmermans, already stated in 2015 that diversity is humanity’s destiny. And that Europe will be diverse.

And, of course, by now, I think we all know what they mean with the word diversity. It means less white people, less of you. Imagine this in an Asian or an African country.

Imagine their leaders rejoicing in the fact that their people will soon no longer be a majority in their own country. Absolutely unthinkable. Unimaginable.

So, what in the world is wrong with our leaders? The underlying sentiment of what they say is always the same. Our establishment claims that white people are evil and that our history is somehow fundamentally different from that of others. Consciously or unconsciously, they have sucked up the lies and the anti-white dogmas of the neo-Marxist critical race theory.

You can watch Vlaardingerbroek’s powerful speech in full on X:

Alex Jones responded to her calls to fight back against the UN’s Replacement Migration agenda: