Illegals Seen Strolling Into Arizona Through A Gap In Border Wall

Illegals Seen Strolling Into Arizona Through A Gap In Border Wall

Illegal aliens have been seen strolling into Arizona through a gap in the border barrier before being picked up by Border Patrol

Border Hawk reporters have been documenting a steady flow of illegal entries at an area near Nogales known as the ‘Mariposa Slab.’

Infowars reports: Around a dozen illegals were observed strolling into the U.S. in a group after being dropped off by a smuggler this weekend.

“Border Hawk called Border Patrol to alert them about this incursion but it happens constantly. Agents will come scoop this group up when they have time and likely release them into the U.S. after processing,” the outlet reported.

Days prior, Border Hawk filmed another group being guided to the same area by a coyote who snapped photos of the illegals as well as observers on the U.S. side before zooming away on a motorcycle.

A similar episode unfolded days earlier in the desert near Nogales.

After being processed by federal immigration authorities, many of the illegals are released into the care of NGOs and open borders activists who then help them reach their U.S. destinations of choice.

“Group consisting primarily of Cubans exit a bank converted into a shelter for illegal aliens and head to a waiting coach bus to be transported deeper into the U.S.,” Border Hawk reported recently from Nogales.