What You’re Not Being Told By the Biden Campaign


How the Democrats Continue to Obfuscate and Lie for Political Gain

What You’re Not Being Told By the Biden Campaign

In a move emblematic of a broader willingness to compromise on core values for electoral gain, the Biden administration’s recent decision to delay the release of a Title IX rule—centering on the participation of transgender women in women’s sports—casts a revealing light on the lengths to which President Joe Biden is prepared to go to secure reelection. This calculated postponement, aimed at sidestepping a divisive issue amidst an electoral battle, is not merely a pragmatic delay but a stark illustration of political expediency overriding a commitment to transparency and consistency.

Biden’s Bet: Political Expediency Over Principle

At the heart of this strategic retreat is a clear calculation: the Biden administration, recognizing the contentious nature of the transgender athletes’ debate, opts for silence over stance, delay over decision. This maneuver is indicative of a broader pattern of behavior where electoral considerations trump policy convictions. The implication is clear—when faced with a politically unpopular dilemma, the administration’s default is to backpedal, to hide its true agenda from the electorate in a bid to maintain favor.

when faced with a politically unpopular dilemma, the administration’s default is to backpedal, to hide its true agenda from the electorate in a bid to maintain favor.

The Issue at Hand: More Than Sports

The controversy over transgender women competing in women’s sports serves as a poignant example of the administration’s broader electoral strategy. While the debate encompasses significant questions about fairness, competition, and gender identity, for Biden, it has become a mere chess piece in the game of electoral politics. The administration’s decision to push back the rule’s release post-election is not just about avoiding immediate backlash; it’s a calculated move to avoid alienating potential voters at a critical juncture.

A Pattern of Postponement and Prevarication

This is not the first instance of the Biden administration opting for strategic ambiguity over clear policy direction. Time and again, we’ve seen a pattern emerge: when confronted with policy decisions that might prove unpopular with the broader electorate, the administration chooses to delay, to obscure, and to prevaricate. This strategy, while perhaps offering short-term electoral benefits, erodes public trust and confidence. It signals to the American people that electoral success is valued over principled governance and transparent leadership.

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The Cost of Political Calculations

The implications of such a strategy extend far beyond the immediate electoral cycle. They speak to the health of American democracy and the relationship between elected officials and the electorate. When leaders choose electoral calculus over clarity and consistency, they undermine the foundational principles of their office. The message sent is unequivocal: political survival takes precedence over principled decision-making.


As the Biden administration navigates the treacherous waters of electoral politics, the decision to delay the Title IX rule’s release stands as a testament to a willingness to sacrifice principle for political gain. However, this strategy is not without consequence. It calls into question the administration’s commitment to the values it purports to uphold and challenges the electorate to demand greater authenticity and accountability from its leaders.

In the end, the issue of transgender women in women’s sports, and the administration’s handling of it, is symptomatic of a larger issue: the need for a political discourse that prioritizes honesty, integrity, and the courage to stand by one’s convictions—even, and especially, when it is not politically convenient.