‘She’s Back!’: Hillary Clinton Makes 2024 Comeback

‘She’s Back!’: Hillary Clinton Makes 2024 Comeback

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are preparing to make a surprise comeback ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to reports.

The Clintons are supporting the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden, who faces challenges in polls.

Headlineusa.com reports: According to the New Yorker, Hillary Clinton has been providing advice to Vice President Kamala Harris on appearances, including guidance for an interview at the New York Times‘s DealBook conference in 2023

This friendship wasn’t always formal, as the magazine reported that Hillary Clinton initially assisted Harris in preparing for early foreign trips during the newly inaugurated Biden-Harris administration. 

Not to be outdone by his wife, Bill Clinton—described by the New Yorker as “persona non grata” due to his infamous sex scandals—has privately met with Biden at least twice since the inauguration. The former president has reportedly spoken privately “about how they consider themselves unique in the modern Democratic Party.” 

Significantly, the two have discussed the incumbent’s “obstacles in a political environment warped by Trump.”  

These conversations come as Trump conformably cruises the Republican primary in preparation for the 2024 general election, while Biden faces criticism over his age, mental acuity and ability to govern the country. 

Adding to Biden’s list of troubles, Hillary Clinton and former First Lady Michelle Obama have emerged as potential replacements for the 2024 presidential election. However, neither woman has expressed interest in running for office yet—at least for now. 

The New Yorker‘s report has reignited these rumors on social media, with Trump advisor Jason Miller jesting, “SHE’S RUNNING. Crooked has been warming up in the bullpen this entire time.”

For her part, Hillary Clinton has scolded Trump on social media, recycling much of her 2016 campaign rhetoric surrounding the former president: “Be alarmed, and vote accordingly,” she wrote in response to speculative reports that Trump may back a national abortion ban.