Top Expert Warns Covid Shots ‘Most Dangerous Vaccine of All Time’

Top Expert Warns Covid Shots ‘Most Dangerous Vaccine of All Time’

A leading vaccine expert has warned the public that Covid mRNA shots are the “most dangerous” vaccines ever to be unleashed on the human race.

Recently, Tucker Carlson addressed the deaths caused by the vaccines, citing data addressed by Steve Kirsch.

Now, it looks like even more terrifying data is getting out.


The VAERS system has identified 770 safety signals related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“That is mind-blowing. That is not a three-alarm fire. That is a 770-alarm fire.”

So, what did the CDC do?

“They said nothing.”

“They didn’t even let people know that there had been any safety signals that were triggered.

“And so there’s no question that the CDC is a very corrupt organization.

“And these people who are in charge here are bearing all the safety signals; they will not engage with you.”

It’s important to note that investigative reporter Jeffrey Jaxen revealed a concerning fact on The Highwire Thursday.

The world now has the capability of “vaccinating” everyone without having to inject a large number of people.

This is possible through self-spreading vaccines, a technology that was almost ready for deployment during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, mRNA injections were chosen over this technology.

The mass use of a certain technology is currently hindered by the requirement for informed consent.

However, recent events such as the COVID pandemic have shown that informed consent may not be as effective as it once was.

Some scientists believe that self-spreading vaccines could potentially bypass the need for individual consent, by overcoming behavioral barriers or vaccine delays.