Meta Caught Enabling Child Exploitation – Elon Musk Blasts Disney For Posting Ads

Meta Caught Enabling Child Exploitation – Elon Musk Blasts Disney For Posting Ads

The war between Elon Musk and Disney’s Bob Iger continues.

This round goes to Elon as he called Disney out for continuing to promote their ads on Meta, which recently has been exposed for enabling child exploitation.

Shouldn’t Disney care about something like this?

Surely they’d pull ads immediately, like they did to X when Iger was upset about some posts.

But they didn’t. I guess child exploitation isn’t that big of a concern to Iger.

So, whether you trust Elon or not, it’s great that he’s using his megaphone to call out these pro-pedophile companies.

ABC News reports:

MENLO PARK, Calif. (KGO) — Meta is responding to new claims it didn’t do enough to stop child exploitation on its platforms.

According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, two separate teams inside of Meta raised alarms about the issue in internal reports.

The teams found that hundreds of what Meta calls “parent-managed minor accounts” on Facebook and Instagram were using the subscription feature to sell exclusive content not available to non-paying followers.

The report says the content frequently featured young girls in bikinis and leotards and it was sold to an audience that was overwhelmingly male, leaving some posts plastered with suggestive emojis and sexual comments.

They say staffers found that its own algorithms were promoting child-modeling subscriptions to likely pedophiles.

Someone made a good point about it. Seems like the media really hates the topics Elon is bringing to the forefront of public discussion.

A lot of people are asking if Elon will buy Disney?

That would certainly put an end to all the woke garbage that company has been spewing out.

And it might even be more profitable that EVs since that’s seeing a decline.