Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing “Strange White Fibrous Clots” from a Dead Body — “I Didn’t Start Seeing This Until Early 2021” (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Warning: The content described in this article is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing “Strange White Fibrous Clots” from a Dead Body — “I Didn’t Start Seeing This Until Early 2021” (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Screenshot: Richard Hirschman/X

Richard Hirschman, a funeral director and embalmer from Alabama, went viral after releasing a disturbing video on his social media account on Sunday, which has since amassed over 15 million views.

Hirschman had a role in the hit documentary “Died Suddenly,” which was released in late 2022 and has garnered almost 19 million views.  It is a fascinating account of anomalies found in deceased humans since the roll-out of these experimental vaccines and more.

The video features Hirschman removing what he describes as “strange white fibrous clots” from the right jugular vein of a deceased individual. Nicky King, who is also an embalmer, was recording the procedure.

Hirschman, who has more than two decades of experience in embalming, expressed his disbelief and concern in the video’s caption.

“This is a video of me removing one of the strange white fibrous clots, from the right jugular vein. The person who was recording it is Nicky King, who is also an embalmer. I didn’t notice it until I lifted the vessel up. I could feel it inside the vein. I only show this because people still don’t believe it and ask for video evidence. What’s causing this? I can’t say for sure, but I didn’t start seeing this until early 2021. Unfortunately, I still find strange clotting in several bodies that I embalm,” he wrote.


His concerns echo a broader sentiment he shared in 2023, emphasizing that regardless of a person’s demographic or political affiliation, the emergence of these strange clots has been consistently observed by him since early 2021. This phenomenon, he noted, was not seen in his prior 20 years of practice.

“Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, far left or right, white or black, male or female, rich or poor, this is what I am seeing coming out of the circulatory system during the embalming process since early 2021. In the prior 20 years I don’t recall ever seeing this before. Something is causing this problem and I think we should try to figure it out, because I see it quite often now. May God help us,” he wrote.

Hirschman relayed that while initial theories suggested parasites or worms, these have been ruled out by ongoing investigations. The focus is now on proteins that could potentially form before or after death and the mechanisms that cause them to aggregate.

“There are people who are investigating this. Parasites or worms so far have been ruled out. I understand that they often look like worms and Parasites but again I have been told they are not.”

“Getting close. It’s sounds like these are proteins. They are can form before and after death. They are trying to identify the proteins and understand the mechanisms that causes them to bind together. I feel helpless because I don’t have the answers and I have friends who I am genuinely concerned about. Once we have a better understanding hopefully we can find solutions to help the people. “

We interviewed Hirschman last year to get into some of the details of what Hirschman has seen, the astronomical numbers he’s seeing these issues in, and much more!


We reported in 2022 that a peer-reviewed study in Italy found that 94% of people who experienced side effects after receiving mRNA vaccines had abnormal blood and contained foreign matter one month after vaccination.

This new study was published in August 2022 in the open access peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR).

Starting in March 2021, three Italian surgeons analyzed peripheral blood, using a single drop from each of 1,006 symptomatic participants who had had at least one mRNA injection (from Pfizer or Moderna.)

According to the study, “there were 948 subjects (94% of the total sample) whose blood showed aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin one month after the mRNA inoculation.”

Erythrocytes also known as red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body.

The three surgeons behind the study—Franco Giovannini, Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, and Gianpaolo Pisano—claim that their findings are similar to those of a study by Young Mi Lee, Sunyoung Park, and Ki-Yeob Jeon from South Korea, titled “Foreign Materials in Blood Samples of Recipients of COVID-19 Vaccines,” but the Italian study has “much larger sample.”

The surgeons believed that the vaccine makers should provide an explanation as to what is within the shots and why those components are present.

“In our experience as clinicians, these mRNA injections are very unlike traditional “vaccines” and their manufacturers need, in our opinions, to come clean about what is in the injections and why it is there,” they said.

We also reported in 2022 that according to a ruling by an Uruguayan judge, the government and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer must provide all the information they have on the COVID vaccine’s biochemical composition, including any evidence of “graphene oxide” or “nanotechnological elements,” as well as proof of the vaccine’s efficacy and safety.