German Gov’t Begins Freezing Bank Accounts of Conservatives

German Gov’t Begins Freezing Bank Accounts of Conservatives  Alternative for Germany (AfD)

The German government has announced plans to begin freezing the bank accounts of people deemed “right wing” by the WEF-controlled government.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced a raft of draconian measures this week, that critics say are a direct attempt to reign in the popularity of the right wing opposition Party, Alternative for Germany (AfD). reports: One such measure, as reported by Jurist, is to freeze the bank accounts of those found to have donated money to any group the government declares to be ‘far-right’.

Another of the measures is the creation of a special unit called the ”early recognition unit” that will “detect far-right disinformation campaigns,” identify “disinformation campaigns,” and “cut their funding models.”

Faeser declared that “No one who donates to a right-wing extremist party should remain undetected,” adding “Those who mock the state must deal with a strong state.”

The Minister further proclaimed that “The German Bundestag should pass the law quickly,” in order to “combat hate on the internet… remove enemies of the constitution from public service (and) disarm right-wing extremists.”

As Remix News further notes, “In several German states, the domestic intelligence agency, the Office of the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), has already labeled the AfD a ‘definitive case of right-wing extremism,’ which means the party is already subject to extreme surveillance. Now, the government may be able to leverage this designation to target those who donate to the party after revising the current law.”

Support for the AfD has surged to over 20% of the electorate, meaning the Party is the strongest opposition to the current German government, a coalition led by the über left wing Social Democratic Party.

Regional elections in Germany are scheduled for September, with current polls indicating the AfD could win the most votes in key states, and potentially a third of the overall vote.

The party has called for mass deportations of criminal migrants from Germany, with the media claiming there have been ‘secret’ conspiratorial meetings among members to get it done.