Who Is This Lady?

Who Is This Lady?  Taylor Swift
Devil Lady

You may have seen this lady trending online during and after the SuperBowl.

But you might also be like this person asking: “Who is this lady?”

Well, allow me to fill you in.

MANY people on Twitter were very bothered by what they saw from a lady named “Ice Spice” who was sitting next to Taylor Swift the whole game.

What are they so offended about?

Well, for starters her inverted cross necklace and then for the devil horns she was making with her hands.

Charming gal, I’m sure.

Oh, and did you know her real name is “Isis Gaston”?  How nice.  This is what ChatGPT told me:

Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Gaston. She is a rapper and songwriter who gained prominence in the music industry around 2022 with her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U).” Her distinctive style and music have made her a notable figure in the rap scene.

So we have literally a girl named “Isis” making the Devil Horns signs with both hands while wearing an inverted cross and the whole thing just looked and felt very odd.

Judge for yourself:

I know, I know…..

Sometimes as Freud says, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!  And those weren’t Devil Horns, she was doing the Texas Longhorns “hook-em horns” symbol because she got confused and thought she was at a Longhorns game!  Of course!  Silly me!

There, I just saved one of you the trouble of typing that in the Comments below.

Meanwhile, Usher is dancing in what many referred to as the “fires of Hell”:

And Taylor downs a whole drink of alcohol, which used to be commonly referred to as “Spirits”:

It just felt really off:

So….who is she?

Well, as I said above her real name is “Isis” which is lovely.

But much more lovely is her catalogue of work.

Want to know what gets you into the Super Bowl and sitting in a suite next to Taylor Swift?

Wonderful work like this song I’m about to show you….


Ok, here it is….

This charming lady who wears the inverted cross and throws up Devil Horns on both hands, is also the same woman who performs this lovely song called, and I quote:  “You think you’re the shit?  You’re not even the Fart!”

The performance is even worse than the the title, watch at your own peril (final warning — if you click the play button you have done it to yourself, DO NOT blame me and DO NOT send me your hate mail):

Backup here if needed:

What majesty!

What art!

I can’t wait until she performs the Halftime Show in the future, which will no doubt be soon with that level of talent.

Now back to Taylor Swift for a second.

Is this really the same lady I covered yesterday for claiming she was a Christian?

I’m shocked!

I mean, I don’t follow her much but I saw her at the Super Bowl and I saw her downing “spirits” like they were going out of style and sitting next to the Devil Lady, so I’m very confused by this: